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Light Language

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a multi-dimensional language, a blend of vibrational sound frequencies that speaks to your soul and your DNA. Light Language goes beyond the mind and human understanding; it is something that can be felt and works effectively with the subconscious, allowing us to activate healing more effectively. Generally, there are four different ways to communicate and express light language: Speaking, Hand Movements (Signing), Singing (Toning), and Writing (Drawing).


Because Light Language is a multi-dimensional language, it contains vast amounts of information in small packages, it is encoded and, in a way, alive. Therefore, it has the power and potential to release stuck or blocked energy efficiently. By releasing areas of tension and dissonance from your body, mind, and spirit by speaking directly to your heart and soul, to your entire being and DNA.


Light Language initiates DNA activation and releases forgotten, or dormant, gifts from this or other lifetimes, and allows you to better access and express these parts of yourself in your daily experience. It also enhances your ability to ‘embody’ in your physical form, your soul, spirit, creating enhanced union of soul + body.


The ability to access and use Light Language is open to everyone and if you are interested in exploring your own connection to light language, or you are feeling drawn to begin to open to the sounds and frequencies of Light Language – then contact Ali to discuss her offerings that will support you to begin your own journey and connection to your Light Language.

Ali currently offers two options to experience Light Language -


A personalised Light Language Audio recording for either a Higher Self Activation or you can choose a theme or intention, for example activation for self-confidence, if you wish to support an intention or theme that you are currently navigating.


While the focus of the audio is on light language to support your highest healing or intention, the audio will also combine potent energy transmission that can be listened to as many times as you desire, and you may choose to use it at different times in your life. The energy and activation transcends time and space, and will be potent whenever you access it. These audio's will be up to 10 minutes in length. 


or a


Light Language Voice + Throat Chakra Activation session:

This is a personalized Light Language Voice + Throat Chakra Activation session to support you to unlock your ability to speak and access light language.


We will activate your inner gifts, supporting remembrance of your ability to connect through light language. Also supporting connection with your Higher Self, Starseed Family and Spirit Guides.


We will assist you to release energy in and through the body, particularly any energy blockages limiting your ability to channel light language, and to assist your body/mind to integrate and calibrate your gifts with ease.

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