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12-12 Portal Energy Card Reading

The energy of the 12-12 portal is reminding you  - That you are you, and yet you are also the universe. You are not separate, you and the universe are one and the same. The light and the love that exists within the universe, that exists in all things, exists within you; everything is one and nothing is separate.

You are your own authority, author, creator; choose your state of being and become a living expression of life, love, light, joy, pleasure, gratitude and grace. Let this flow through you; to inspire and illuminate you. Anchor this expression, your light here on the earth plane; you are heaven on earth.

Breathe this is now - Allow your awareness to expand with this knowledge, insight and understanding.

Be open to receiving deeper insights, realizations, gifts and abilities of your soul now.

Lean in and listen to your heart, spend time finding stillness within, connecting within, to the universe, the light, the love, the lifeforce within your heart.

Listen and receive, trust the steps or the action that you hear/feel/see,  allow your insight to guide you. Allow your light to be illuminated, allow your light to shine, let more light in

Receive lightness through your entire being begin to let go.

Focus on your breath and allow anything that does not serve you to be released, to create more space for the light of your soul to shine, to bring awareness through insight and  understanding. To create space for the ‘aha’ moments that this 12-12 portal is going to bring through as you come into a deeper remembrance and connection that you are light and that you are love. That you are one with all there is.

And while the 12-12 portal is illuminating and awakening you to this remembrance,  we are also reminded that we are to bring this insight and awareness into our grounded physical form, to be embodied in this human experience. To balance awareness as a ‘spirit’ and being a ‘human’, to allow expression of your spirit to be shared through your presence and connection in physical form to the earth at this time.

In this 12-12 portal you are being activated to remember that you are Source, you are made in the Creator’s likeness, you are Love and Light. It is time to use this awareness, knowledge, insight to create and “be” more on the physical plane, to operate with awareness of the power you hold to create and manifest your experience. To operate from expanded awareness with all your senses 💫


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