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Patience is key...

Amongst the many lessons that have seemed to come up for me this year, one of the biggest challenges has been accepting and embracing patience.

I am learning that the end result or outcome is not necessarily the prize for it is often in the lead up to the outcome you will find the greatest opportunity for growth or learning within. I am hopeful in sharing this observation that you will see this in part through your own journey and through what you observe with others, primarily it is a lesson that most souls have marked to learn and it is becoming increasingly evident that this current society favours speed or intent to have something straight away rather than patience waiting or working towards it. Therefore it is this lesson of patience that must be shared, patience to allow the direction to present it itself or patience in waiting for the right timing for the next step. Patience within yourself to accept that you are doing your best with the knowledge and tools you have at present and sometimes with a little patience another moment occurs that provides you will great knowledge or tools to step forward or know what the next direction to take is.

It is tempting to want to run the race to the finish rather than experience every moment of training leading up the race. However you must experience the training in order to appreciate the victory, patience is the key. There is more to learn in time of surrender and growth where one needs to be willing to sit within and allow the process, allow things to unfold. It may not seem ideal to you at the time however trust that this process is in place for your highest good, patience can sometimes be the lesson you need to learn and the patience to allow events to unfold exactly as they should in their own time.

This was a message my guides gave me recently and I am sharing it with you as it may resonate with you also -

“There is a time when you are called forth to do the work, it may not seem important and may seem mundane but it is in these small tasks or small moments that the greatest shifts are made. It may seem meaningless now to some, nonetheless the greatest joy comes from these moments of patience of surrender of allowing the divine to unfold. Don’t be in a hurry or a rush to finalise or ‘be’ somewhere or something, accept in each moment that patience will be the key to opening the right door at any given time.”

So in answer to my frustration about not being where I thought I should be or wanting a door to open or just wanting some type of outcome, I have been reminded of the lesson learnt in patience. Quite often I kept hearing the phrase ‘patience is key’ or I would see a post on social media talking about patience, and I have been seeing this theme come up with clients and friends.

I then knew that I had the answer and I had to listen to this message. It really was about not rushing anything or trying to force anything. We are being told to slow down, to enjoy the journey and to know that if we can just be a little patient then everything will work out exactly as it is meant to. By letting go of the control, of releasing what we think we need/want and surrendering…trusting to what is meant to be is where the greatest gift is.

There is no rush to complete anything in life as there is really is nowhere more important to be.

Slow down and appreciate these moments, absorb the present moment. Stop reading and just become aware of your surroundings, the colours, sights, smells, sounds and breathe it in for a moment. This moment will never occur again, so don’t rush through it or will it away, stop and enjoy each precious moment in life.

Everything really does happen exactly when it is meant to and you will always be where you need to be or that serves you the greatest purpose. Even in these moments of impatience or frustration you are exactly where you are meant to be, every opportunity presents itself as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Some of the most important lessons you need to, and can, learn are in times of greatest discomfort, stress or sadness. I always think of the Disney movie “Inside Out” when the character of a child’s emotions, Joy was determined not to let Sadness interfere with Alice (the child) however by the end of the movie Joy learnt that without times of sadness in your life, you cannot appreciate the joy’s. I think this is a great reminder that with sadness comes joy as with light comes shadow, neither is good nor bad they just ‘are’.

If you can learn to view these emotions from a perspective of “What is this here to teach me?” and shift your perspective then you will be able to appreciate these lessons. And in times where patience is required to allow what needs to unfold and present itself, trusting that the period requiring patience is also part of the lesson and growth.

Next time you are faced with a challenging emotion or frustrated that you aren’t achieving the result you wanted as quickly as you thought, stop and allow yourself to anchor in the moment. Breathe deeply and really become aware of your surroundings to anchor you and then ask yourself what is it that I need to learn here or what lesson is this teaching me?

Sit with that for some time and see what comes up for you. It may take you several attempts to connect in to the lesson but stay with it and give yourself the opportunity to observe patience. You might need to remind yourself that you can be patient and that you are patient, so use those statements as affirmations to further embed this ability to accept and allow patience within.

Love and light,

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