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Akashic Energy + Guidance for February 2023

February 2023 Energy from the Akashic Records for The Sacred Light Collective, for You.

“Welcome to the start of this new year. We begin in sharing the energetic opening and breakthroughs in the frequency of 2023. We are honoured to bring in messaging and guidance for this coming month and wish to attune you to the new frequency that is arriving.

Opening and allowing is a strong theme of this monthly energy - opening to the new and allowing yourself to receive what has been - there has been confusion on this receiving - as many of you have been focused on what you are releasing, and need to release, often missing an opportunity for you to openly receive and integrate while simultaneously releasing. To be more ‘present’ with what is here.

We seek to advise you to adjust your thoughts and energies, directing you to the new, the incoming, rather than on the old and what is releasing. It is an opportunity for more ease of transition through integration of growth within mind and body. The opportunities are opening themselves now, and for those that have felt stalled, you'll notice a shift with more momentum riding with you, more pull to create, to do, to take action than there has been.

We know many have felt stuck or have been feeling resistance to movement and momentum, and that has been of course waiting for this time on true New Year to open into the frequency for ‘GO’, the green light. Take aligned action now with ideas and projects, we suggest implementing new, patterns new routines or practices in your day to day life as a powerful anchor into the new frequency that you imbue with this energy anchoring you to your adjusted timeline and frequency.

You will notice increasing opportunity to move timelines, to merge to your highest potential, your highest timeline, each time receiving opportunity to embed this frequency, to maintain this frequency with ease. We suggest feeling into your inner wisdom, self, often to receive what you can do employ in your day to day that will signify an anchor in this new timeline and frequency.

You are seeing a pattern here, are you not? Seeing the reference to the new, to the new information that is here for you. The new information that you can receive, the new information that is here to understand, to become more aware of. We invite you to become acquainted with the new in 2023, the changes that are available if you allow yourself to consistently, steadily, receive and move with the ‘new’.

This is a further opportunity to ‘rewire’ your brain, to configure to the new, configure to change, and calibrate to change not being a threat to your existence - your survival. Rather that change, the newness, can bring greater reward, pleasure, joy and ease.

This will be a journey for some as the ebb and flow - the continual ‘new’ presenting will take courage, strength, and conviction of connection to the truth of oneself to navigate. Again, as we often remind you this is a journey dear one, there will be an ebb and flow as you walk the path of self-mastery.

Taking each opportunity, each moment, is all you can truly do. Use what you have learned or use this as a new learning opportunity; the new will come in many forms, lessons, and even disguises. Trusting in yourself, and your willingness to trust in the unfolding, will allow you to honour the new however it appears and honour its lesson.

Your mind will want to make the new seem good, bad, even destructive at times. We urge you to remember this point in time where we say - the new is always happening for you. It is working in your favour, whether you can see it or not at the time.

Seek the middle ground of neutrality, of curiosity, of seeking the experience. Letting the lesson or understanding come forward in time to you. Yours is to continually turn inward and seek the next step, the action, the new information in each moment. Do not force or try to force outcomes, understanding or awareness. Trust in the receiving, trust in the ‘new’ and trust in yourself as a divine sovereign being of One.

We leave you with a final message of love and blessing - we are in gratitude for the service you offer and have offered. We honour you in gratitude with love and blessings at this time. May peace and love grace your mind, body, heart. With greatest love and reverence, Your Guides.

For you the reader, I offer deep gratitude and love for your presence and co-creation. May you open your heart and receive this transmission; clearly, gently, and in the love that it was channeled.

If you are feeling drawn to receiving this transmission more deeply, click on the video below to receive an energy transmission to support the calibration of the new, particularly with the energy of 222 Portal later in the month and aligning Mind-Body-Spirit.

The light and love, the divinity, within me; honours the light, the love and the divinity within you.


Main image - Artwork by Daniel B Holman


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