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Akashic Energy Guidance for November 2022 with The Elohim

November 2022 Energy from the Akashic Records for The Sacred Light Collective, for You.

"Timeless beginnings, ages circling, winding, and spiraling; back in touch with the deeper meaning of self, the outer spiral is now turned inward and you feel yourself moving slowly but surely towards the centre, with steady pace, steady growth, unfurling through this timeless age; opening to new horizons and perspectives within yourself; noticing and expanding through old meanings and patterns. Ongoing evolution is assured, if you keep moving slowly but surely within, with the inner spiral within.

Tectonic plates are shifting within Gaia as her ascension amplifies at this time, honor this by anchoring your light to support the crystalline grid structure within her core. To anchor to the vibration of Gaia as she begins a deepening of her own inner spiral, the world becomes more of an unsteady place for those not on the inner spiral pathway. We advise you to also as light workers share your love and compassion to all beings on their own path -no matter the direction of inner versus outer. Revolution occurs as Gaia picks up speed, as her frequency begins to ascend, the feeling of more energy and movement is occurring. And again we say, anchor your light and your physical body, grounding to her crystalline grid, her core, to tap into this ascending vibration and frequency. Allowing your ascension to mirror her own. Inviting a new sense of peace and tranquility as you move through your ascension, your inner spiral, inviting a sense of stability and support through the somewhat unknown.

We would like to also share that the power of many Lightworkers contributing their light and anchoring, communing, with Gaia’s core is also integral for assisting Gaia’s progress. The mutual union of Lightworkers in physical form will greatly assist Gaia to ascend, as is foretold through writings previously shared of a new earth and Golden Age. No need for fear at all dear ones, we caution as we perceive your ego to ‘sound the alarm’. This is just an energetic frequency we speak of not ‘Doomsday’, as many have been foretold; the initiation is here for those that are willing to receive, who desire to remember, or feel the calling to a something more.

We understand that many will not take part and that is also satisfactory, as both polarities must be played, and that in both polarity there is reason, understanding for the individual soul. And of course, the choice of freewill that exists for those in human form. We invite those in this Collective to seek an inner-standing of their own inner spiral journey. Put simply begin with an intention as you receive these words, to travel the inner world, to desire to meet your inner self, spirit self, more deeply; and ask to be shown the first step within. For it does not matter where you are on your inner journey at this time, there is always a deepening that can occur or learning to be received from the experience of life. A greater receiving of all that is, and your own nature, your own connection to all that is.

We sign off with our deep gratitude for receiving us, for meeting and co-creating. With love, gratitude and truth within. We The Elohim."

For you the reader, I offer deep gratitude and love for your presence and co-creation. May you open your heart and receive this transmission; clearly, gently, and in the love that it was channeled.

The light and love, the divinity, within me; honours the light, the love and the divinity within you.


Cover image from Rebecca Campbell's The Starseed Oracle Deck - 'Child of the Cosmos'

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