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April 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

“Wishing for more, seeking more, knowing there is more, letting your mind open and your heart expand, to receive and feel through your heart now. It is time to move into your heart to receive through the lens of love that exists in your heart, to see and feel through the lens of love. Opening to greater compassion, firstly, for self and thus enabling you to give greater compassion to others. The time is nigh to return to love, the remembrance of your truth, the inner truth that is you are LOVE.

Expanding and rapidly evolving cycles are present for you now.

Can you step into this fire?

Can you allow yourself to meet the uncomfortable places that arise?

Can you allow yourself to lean into this place where your evolution awaits you?

The more you are seeking, wanting to feel and know, is available here. If you can trust love is at the centre of your core. You can hold and return to this Love always. When times are tough and comfortable, come back within, find yourself in love at your centre. Hold space here for yourself and just allow. Allow the love to hold you as you sit in the uncomfortable. Allow this uncomfortable to pass.

You may recall last month we asked you to feel and yes this was indeed in preparation to support you. As you are asked this month to feel even more deeply to feel the uncomfortable of the fire. While not turning away, not avoiding or distracting yourself, rather allowing yourself to feel it, hold it and let it wash through you. Let it flow and move just allowing it to pass.

What you once feared and thought it would block you or draw you into the darkness does not need to be feared. Rather it is seeking to be seen in the light, in the ,ight of your awareness. Bringing shadows to the light allows for movement, for flow, of passing through and dissipating. Try not to fear this any longer. Allow this to be an opportunity to shine light of awareness and to shine love on these areas, to pass through another spiral of growth, of healing, of your soul's evolution.

We ask that you pay particular attention to the mind, letting it “be”; seeking to bring awareness to the heart and body, to love, reminding the mind and body of connection to love; to safety, support and peace that exists deep in your being.

Practice bringing mind to heart and mind to love. Let the energies in your own heart and soul guide you through the opportunities that exist at this time for greater growth and expansion. Not only at this particular time but also for your soul's expansion, growth and evolution.

You are a powerful being of light, of love, who is capable of transmuting the emotions, feelings, the energy within and without. This is a time for you to see and feel this to be so; we seek to remind you of the infinite potential and possibility you are.”

Key areas of focus for April 2022 and to support you in this energy –

  • Follow your heart, check in with your heart and soul daily, and trust what you feel and see. Let your heart begin to guide you rather than head/mind.

  • Trust what you feel, do not doubt what you feel and know to be true. It is not the time for self-doubt. It is time for trust, of self-trust!

  • Allow yourself to let go and to receive, use the breath to support with the inhale and the intention to let go, and the exhale with the intention to receive. Letting go and releasing, to create space for what is here for you now to receive in its place.

Gateway of Light Activation card from Kyle Gray’s oracle deck for April 2022 is:

“Angelic Frequency”

The angels shared this message with the card –

We are surrounding you with love and light at this time, cocooning you softly to hold space as you navigate your inner world. Know that this is a potent time for inner connection and to us. We are supporting your expansion at this time, holding and guiding you where we can. Receive the expansion that is available to you if you choose. Choose to go within, choose to connect more deeply with your soul, your sacred self, and allow us to hold you as you sit with your old patterns and cycles. We are desiring to help you move through these at this time. Blessed be with love - The Angels

The message/activation from the Angelic Frequency card itself is -

“Angels are here. You are safe. Potent Connection"

"The angelic frequency is the energy of the angels and the angelic kingdom, which is aligned to service, devotion, authenticity and love. When this frequency comes to us, it's because the gateway of our heart has aligned with it - we've essentially become an angel upon the earth.

Angels are the heartbeats of Source, and so when we're in touch with the angelic realm, we're also connected to the heart of God.

This card features of being of light. The streams of light surrounding it are the angelic frequency pouring down to light up our life. This image also unlocks our soul memories of our guardian angel. Before we were in this life, we danced across the midnight sky and as the universe follows the law of attraction, our angel was attracted to us because our likeness was also in them. So we became connected, and since then our angel has been with us through every lifetime and every experience.

Angels are drawing close at this time, so be open to signs and synchronicities that confirm this. It's important for you to know that through your actions, choices and service, you have upgraded your spiritual connection and your frequency. Rejoice, for you may be rewarded with abundance and blessings at this time and you have been making choices that are not just for your own greater good, but for that of all those around you.

Your guardian angel is with you now helping you remember your infinite power and potential. Reach for the stars and trust that all the efforts you have been making, both internally and externally, will bring blessings and opportunities. The path you are on is aligned to your highest good, and the support you need is there for you. You are cherished by the angels.”


Connecting Within - a guided meditation with the angelic frequency and light language, to begin, or support, your journey connecting within, held in the angelic frequency as we journey inward.

This meditation will also support you in the key areas of focus that the April energies were asking of us.

Listen daily, or as often as you need to support you in daily connection with your heart, your inner space.


This month of April 2022 is building on the foundations we have been creating over the start of this year, finding a middle ground between being human and spirit. Allow yourself to step into this energy with curiosity and interest, explore and be open to letting your heart guide you and trusting in yourself to follow your heart!

Much love,

Main Image/Artwork by ”Daniel B. Holeman”

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