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Call to a Deeper 'Presence'

The energy feels are a call to deep presence - a deeper presence.

Being deeply present with where you are, what you are doing & sinking right into the moment, each & every moment.

Recently I was working on a Saturday morning, I went to put on a podcast, music or something else in the background as I would normally do, when I heard a distinct NO, to put everything away, to put my phone away, to have just complete presence with my laptop & the work I was doing. To just allow the stillness to surround me in that moment.

And wow...that felt challenging & it felt really uncomfortable which completely surprised me as I always felt myself to be comfortable’ with stillness, so I asked why I was being called to be deeply present with that moment.

The answer I received was that it was a call to deepening into presence in everything that I do (we do).

Despite my ego/mind telling me I could share my presence by multitasking, because I was doing something on my laptop that didn't feel necessarily aligned, so if I listened to a podcast that made me feel aligned I would find my presence.

Yet here my highest self firmly said NO. Be present with whatever you are doing, whatever you choose to do.

Bring your Attention to your Intention. That my intention was to be present with the work I had chosen to do.

As I then allowed my energy, to be present, soon the uncomfortable dissipated. I felt in the flow, I realized I had the sounds of nature,birds, the wind in the background and my whole body softened and relaxed. Once I let go it allowed a deeper calm, a deeper peace to flow through me & over me; & I recognized the power of presence.

That it was important to go beyond being superficially present in the moment & really being in the presence of the present moment.

So this is your reminder today, everyday going forward, to be deeply present with what ever you are doing. To be intentional about where your Intention & your Attention goes & listen to where you could allow yourself to be more deeply present.

To feel into the stillness & the peace that comes from quite simply being present.

Practice presence.

Practice Intentional Attention.

And just enjoy the present - the here and now. - wherever you are ✨💕🌈

Much love,

Main Image from Rebecca Campbell’s The Starseed Oracle Deck


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