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Energy + Guidance for 12-12 Portal

Energy + guidance from 12-12 Portal - opening to more truth. Opening to connection to your inner truth through your Stargate heart portal. To open and access your infinite wisdom to guide you in this transition point, moving forward into the next evolution,  individually and collectively. To guide you to trace through your lineages and gather with those in your familial line, ascended, and those living if you choose.

We seek to remind you to also connect with all familial links inter dimensionally and do not be limited by your thinking and narrow minded view of your “family”. Begin to connect with the concept of family across timelines, dimensions, galaxies, and even universes.

Open your heart to the vast openness of the infiniteness within the cosmic womb of creation. Begin to broaden your view by allowing old outdated thinking to make way for more open expansive magical dreamings.

Trusting what you cannot necessarily see. But rather what you feel, what you ‘know’. Have faith dear ones, have faith that it is not always just fairy tales or movie magic. Be open to the possibilities some of this imagining you are imagining is real. More and more experiences will be occurring and opening up to you if you open your awareness and receive.

Take the magic of Santa Claus. The faith, belief, magic that is awakened as your children experience the magic of the season. What if that was not just a fairy tale? What if the magic existed just outside your current awareness?

We understand that this is difficult for many to consider and to comprehend. All we are inviting here is just openness, being open to openness, to that which you cannot always fathom. That which might be saved for daydreaming and imaginings, to feel and begin to see and create that in real time.

This portal opens magic from now until the 23rd of January 2023. Use this energy to begin to expand your awareness, to open a sense of play, lightness, imagination to your day to day. Begin to get creative in your own imagination. Get comfortable with the openness to there being things your mind can't explain or comprehend. Let it be a mystery adventure journey with your ascendant familial ones walking with you; sharing their own magic tales with you.

Let this be a remembering journey and a homecoming. Embodying yourself as a bridge between heaven on earth. Navigating the journey with a curiosity and openness to the new. Know that it is safe for you to explore the new, it is safe to step out and move forward into uncharted territory.

You are the explorer of life ,of worlds, of energetic frequencies. And so the call…the energies….are guiding you to experience something new.

Your higher self is calling to lead and guide you from within. Lean into the inner wisdom of your highest self’s essence, your I Am presence. Open yourself to fully receive this cosmic part of you.

As you leave the energy of the year 2022, to step fully into 2023 with confidence, trust and belief. As you follow your inner leader, your highest self, trust you have all you need inside you to fulfill your highest potential. Get ready to experience a magical mystery adventure! ✨💗💫

I offer deep gratitude and love for your presence and co-creation. May you open your heart and receive this transmission; clearly, gently, and in the love that it was channelled.

The light and love, the divinity, within me; honours the light, the love and the divinity within you.


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