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February 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

“Be willing to look beyond what you know and see”

A willingness to listen is being called upon you here, a willingness to hear that quiet voice within.

Can you hear the voice that beckons you deep in your heart? Can you allow yourself time and space to connect to this quiet voice of wisdom?

The knowing you seek comes from this place, yet how can you hear or find this if you do not allow time or space to hear. This voice is always speaking, the wisdom and guidance is ever present. You only need to stop and listen. To truly hear your heart calling you, your heart guiding you, your heart supporting and loving you. Now is the time to dedicate to yourself, what daily practice, habit or ritual can you honour yourself with; to connect, to listen to really hear your inner voice of soul? It does not take much nor is it exhaustive, even five minutes will do to begin with.

Let yourself slow down through this month, slow down, stop, pause and listen; be willing to hear, to receive from your ever-present wise self. Open your heart a little wider, soften a little deeper, surrender a little more into the present and be willing; willing to take the time to hear. So many of your questions, your wonderings, your ‘what if’s’ can be answered within, rather than seeking the external validation, the answer or getting caught in the noise, try giving your heart, your soul an opportunity to guide you. When you slow down, find the stillness – the inner peace have space to rise and in the peace of your heart, the inner depths of your being, the wisdom rises. Take note and begin to trust your own wisdom. Begin to regularly visit your inner world. Cultivate your inner garden rather than being distracted by the external noise.

The value of stillness, it brings the answers you seek.

Focus on tending to your inner garden, nourish, nurture, water the seeds in your heart; honour this place of Heaven within your being. Take time daily to find more inner stillness, to be willing to allow space to hear and then just listen.

Listen – Listen - Listen

Receive – Receive - Receive

You may receive steps for action. You may just be asked to pause, to breathe and to listen, to receive. Practice connecting to yourself internally and choosing to ‘check in’ with yourself rather than asking another or seeking external confirmation.

The world truly is your oyster, if you open yourself to all the possibilities; to the possibilities that there is more than you can physically see, that there is connection between all living things, all sentient beings, that we all breathe as one. Your expansion is imminent - allow yourself to be aware of anything being possible. No limitations, no timelines, no expectations, just a blank canvas ready to be brought to life. Filled with the anticipation, the excitement of the unknown now becoming a magical wonder filled adventure, not with fear, only with a wonder, awe and amazement. The window is opening to a new way of life for you. Do you choose to move with this? Maybe you take the fear along with you. Or do you choose to stay where you are?

Options, options, options - you have so many options, do you not see? This narrow-minded vision is locking you in too tightly, let the vision expand, open up your peripheral vision, begin to see the options that exist all around you. Many of you are staring too long at the closed door and are missing the other doorways opening for you. Let go of your expectations, your wants and be open, willing to seeing there is more.

As always, the choice is yours. We only ask that you consider to be willing to step through.

For many of you this lesson to go inward, to hear your inner wisdom, the voice of your soul will guide you to the open doors. Take your step towards the new by slowing down and just connecting within you. Stop the hustling, the rushing, the pushing to control the outcome or the result; let it come to you.

Again, we say be willing to go within, be willing to listen and be willing to receive the answers you seek within.

Key points to support alignment this month:

“Be willing to look beyond what you know and see”

“Feel – Listen – Receive”

"Patience - Willingness – Receptivity

Much love,

Ali xx


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