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Freewill – Choice - Your Inner Power

I had just completed my 12-month oracle card spread and was sitting back admiring my ‘road map’ for 2022 as you can see in the picture below, I outdid myself this year using my favourite six oracle decks it really created quite the visual!

And as I was admiring the cards spread out and feeling into the energy of each month and the themes present for me, I began noticing a numerical theme of the number 4 popping up through the spread. My spirit team often send messages through number sequences and I am used to being aware of repetitive patterns and in fact had been seeing 4’s in the last few weeks of 2021.

Looking at my 12-month oracle spread I just kept being immediately drawn to noticing where 4’s were present and knew that I also needed to be aware of that message for the year ahead.

444’s – “You are completely surrounded by angels. You are being guided through whatever you are focusing on.”

What a powerful message and an incredible reminder, especially as I look at the powerful energy and themes that were coming through for me in 2022. And I recalled a thought that I'd had before I was prompted to look at the meaning of the 4’s, and I'd been tossing up about learning something new and wondering if it was this or it was that and thinking I would need to sit with my team and ask for direction.

When a thought came quietly in, that it didn't matter, the question should be - what would I enjoy doing more? or would I enjoy doing both? It felt like I would get something from it no matter whether I did it or I didn't. And when I received the meaning of the 4’s, something clicked and it occurred to me that it doesn't matter what we choose in life, there is no right or wrong. There is no answer from above about what we should be doing, or could be doing. We are guided and supported in every step that we take. We are never alone. So, whether you choose to do something or you choose not to, you are still supported. You are still guided, wherever that path takes you.

There felt to be a sense of freedom and reclamation of inner power that came from that realisation, perhaps you feel it too, it comes down to your own choice, that there is no right or wrong. There's no waiting for the external validation, even if it is from Spirit you are waiting. What do you choose to do in that moment? What lights you up? What makes your heart sing? That's where your answer lies.

And if you choose to do something, to take action and make a change. You'll still be supported and guided as there is no right or wrong choice or decision. The beautiful thing about this life journey is freewill. The freewill to experience all that life has to offer, even if that means sometimes finding yourself off road and down the beaten track. You will also find your way back to your soul’s path, perhaps with more inner treasures than you had before!

Something that I'm only just coming back into remembrance of, the power - the inner power - that comes in that recognition of our freewill. The inner power that’s activated within when we take responsibility for our experience and recognise that we can choose again at any time.

We are not at the hands of anyone in this lifetime, or spirit, or held from past or karmic experiences; because in each moment we have a choice. The choice is always there. Our free will is always available to us.

Yes, we can learn, and do have lessons to learn but it is another ego mind tactic, that illusion that we’ve created; the illusion that we don't have a choice or that we're stuck, locked in or we can't make a move because of ‘xyz’. However, that's only what our mind wants us to believe. It wants us to stay safe and stay small, be held in limitation from our beliefs and past experiences – to stay ‘safe’.

So, as I receive this for my own awareness, I feel drawn to share this with you, perhaps for you to open your mind to seeing this new perspective, perhaps to begin to see where this illusion has been created by you, where the fear is being held and what the fear is that is operating under this illusion / story in your ego mind.

If you read my post about the energy of 2022 (if not go back and have a read as this will compliment this message) I received the guidance that we would be becoming more aware of these illusions in our ego mind, where we will be called to become more open and expansive in our perspective. And while maybe this feels too challenging and uncomfortable yet, to uncover the illusion, to observe the fear, or to release the feeling of stuckness, to let go of the story. The story that you are the victim, that ‘this’ is outside of your control, that you have no control or freewill.

I invite you to just be open to the possibility, that much like the energy spoke to for 2022 of the illusion that your heart has been closed, is broken or that you need to protect it; rather than realising and knowing it has been open all along and it has been your fear / your ego mind that has thought it to be closed. Our freewill, your ability to make a choice, a decision and take action is under the same illusion. It has always been there - it is there right now. If you choose to see it, to feel it, and allow yourself to become aware.

I leave this with you as a little seed, trusting that the seed has been planted within you and that when you are ready, whether that is now, today, next week, next month, next year or in 10 years; that you will come back to this. Your awareness will open, for you to see how you can take responsibility to shed this illusion, this belief, this story and you can open yourself into the freedom that's held within your heart. The freedom of freewill, of choice, decision, of action and of life.

To support you in accessing your freewill and inner power under this illusion or story you have been operating with I received a Light Code transmission to support this opening within you. Listen to this with an open heart and mind, and just receive. You may listen to this as often as you need and whenever you need, it is not bound by time or space, the activation and light codes are there when you need the support to access your connection to your freewill and inner power, particularly through 2022.

I would love to hear how this light code activation resonated for you, and what you received, noticed or felt, and if you feel drawn to share, I would love to hear from you.

Much love,

Ali xx


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