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January 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

In January 2022 we are being asked to open our shells, and perhaps for you it is to begin to see the illusion of the shell, the armour, the defences that you’ve placed around your heart; to begin to become aware that this is self-imposed. That you have placed the shell, this armour, and have closed your own heart through fear and self-protection. However, your heart is not closed. It never has been. It is your own perception and illusion that it is blocked, closed or covered held behind walls. We are being asked to begin to notice this illusion and the fears that have led us to protect ourselves in this way and to begin to come into awareness, to recognize, that our heart is always open for us. If we allow ourselves, the time and space to go within and connect with our hearts, we can hear the quiet inner voice that brings the peace, the love, the safety and the clarity that we so desperately seek.

Your self-inquiry for January 2022:

What is in the walls of your heart armour, what are the fears you're holding?

What is keeping you safe by holding this illusion and your heart armour in place?

What do you need to feel safe to let this armour go, to release the fears?

When you connect to your open heart, under the illusions; what does your heart desire for you?

And listening for the soft quiet voice that whispers from your heart and soul, being open and willing to receive whatever is there for you. Begin to connect to what guidance your heart has for you, listen to the inner wisdom you have within, supporting, helping and guiding you; as you begin to let go of the illusion of fear that you have created, the illusion that has you believing your heart is closed or blocked.

This inquiry and process may take you longer than just the month of January 2022 and I would encourage you to come back to these questions throughout the year, to be with your heart and your soul gently uncovering the layers that may be here and taking as much time as you need to feel into.

There might be a lot there for you and what you might find could be surprising, confronting and a little challenging at times, as you begin to realize your role in the way your fears and illusions have created your current reality. As always be gentle, compassionate and just observe what you find, bringing these inner depths of you to light with curiosity, deep love and compassion for yourself.

Stay true to your heart throughout the year head. There will be times that are challenging and that are uncomfortable, that you're going to want to pull away from, try to allow your heart to remain open. To stay true to what your heart calls you towards. Trusting when you are guided by your heart that you are always on the right path for you. Stay true to your heart.

And be open to allow those around you to be able to stay true to their own hearts, knowing that no one's truth will be the same. Observing compassionately that we are all following our own truth and staying true to our own hearts and that we can coexist, collaborate, connect; we can still be as one on our collective mission without necessarily agreeing or ‘doing’ life in the same way. Remaining anchored into our open heart, to lean into love and compassion, rather than judge another's way, journey or truth. Trust that each and every soul is actioning their own mission in their own way.

Your only focus is to stay true to your heart and be YOU!

Much love,

Ali xx

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