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July 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

You are drawing a cycle, a pattern, to a close. Therefore, this is a time of new, fresh energy, a new cycle, an opportunity for rebirth and renewal. Take your time to feel into what this looks like for you. For some this will be a fresh perspective, a new way of being in connection with their truth, their divinity, and for others this signals a physical change, a change of a job, relationships or a location.

This rebirth and renewal is a nurturing energy, bringing a nurturing energy to support the seeds that have sprouted within you. Nurturing you to grow strong, tall, expansively and compassionately.

Allow yourself to let go of any attachment to expectation of how this should all look and feel. You are being called be in this month, and onward, with curiosity and ‘be-ing’, allowing the unfolding, the growing to occur innocently.

Take yourself into nature to observe Gaia’s grace with growth, cycles, renewal and rebirth.

Allow yourself to become one with Gaia at this time. Be with the pulse of nature, the earth beneath you. Use her nourishment to support your upward growth and capacity to renew.

Life fully supports you at this time, welcome it, and allow it to hold and support you.

Allow yourself to just trust – to trust in the process - to trust in the cyclic nature of life.

To allow the shoots to emerge, to sprout in many directions, to take up space and grow, grow, grow.

Lean into the earth through deeper grounding and connection to Gaia, to support your strength, the trunk and the foundations, to your ability and capacity to hold more, and be more expansive, allow yourself to spread your shoots, your branches in many directions.

Feeling safer in trusting this process of life, acknowledging the periods of cycle, and when it’s time to lean into the slowing down, the rest, as the leaves on your branches begin to shed. Let yourself again surrender into trust and allow Gaia, the nature that exists all around you, to hold you as you prepare to begin the cycle again.

Begin to see the pattern of death and rebirth, rest and renewal, contraction and expansion that exists within and without you. Let go of any desire to control, rather allow yourself to ride the wave, particularly in July.

Be open, curious and playful for what is present for you in this time of rebirth and renewal. Allow yourself to ‘be’ in each and every moment. Receiving the moment fully and all that life has to offer fully.

We leave you with one final tip. Practice breath work often - use the breath to open and expand and to go deeper and deeper. Use this even in states of contraction, to hold and nourish your mind, your body, your nervous system. Lean on your breath work to guide you through the cycles. Spend time in nature breathing with Gaia herself. Slow down and be with the pulse of life.

And to reach out and call to your own team of guides, to your highest self, to Gaia or God/Source; call in prayers of assistance and guidance to support you as you rebirth into this higher more expanded self that you are.

Remember you are always fully supported and never alone.

Trust – Allow - Receive.

‘Be’ just yourself – BE YOU.

Be in in the present moment always.

Take your time to explore who you are rebirthing into.

Take your time to feel into what is now true and aligned for you.

Take your time to allow your more open self-expression to be shared in the external around you.

Remember......Trust – Allow – Receive


Key areas of focus for July 2022 and to support you in this energy –

· Breath work – deep belly breathing with focus on exhalation supporting as a gentle expander and clearing through your body and energy field, and to calm your nervous system

· Grounding practices to connect to the earth, to Gaia, and nature.

· Trust – Allow - Receive

· Just BE yourself

· BE in the present moment always


Gateway of Light Activation card from Kyle Gray’s oracle deck for July 2022 is:

The transmission received with this card –

Walk the path with purpose…walk your path with purpose, whatever it is you choose, there is no right or wrong way to go. The power is to choose, to take action and adjust your path accordingly in communion with your inner guidance. Listen to your heart. There is no wrong way. Trust in your heart to guide you. Listen quietly, listen often and receive the direction the time, the path; ready to follow the guidance even when it doesn't make sense. Trust your heart already knows the way.”

The message/activation from the Akashic Stargate card itself is -

Aligned with purpose – Crossroads – No wrong path"

Connect to this energy/card by - Visualize yourself at a crossroads. Tune into the direction that feels most joyful, light and loving. Imagine yourself walking that road. See all that it brings you.

Whenever the Akashic Stargate is presented to you, it's because you're at a critical point on your journey. You have the opportunity to move in a particular direction and you have to make a decision. This can feel overwhelming and you may be waiting for someone or something to make the decision for you. But you aren't here to walk a path that was set for you. You're here to walk a path that you have chosen - the next phase of your journey cannot unfold until you decide which way to go. Know that whatever direction you take and whatever decision you make, you'll always be on the right path. No matter how you get there, you'll always end up in a similar space. Also know that purpose isn't about doing your duty it's about living life and experiencing joy.


This month of July 2022 is asking you to step into your rebirth, your renewal by taking gentle aligned action. To lean into the cycles of nature and embodied a divine feminine approach by honouring these cycles between listening within, slowing down and rest to flow into easeful aligned action. Your power lies in making a choice, remembering there is no wrong path, listen within to your heart and take aligned action as guided by your greatest compass, your heart. Enjoy the lighter energy of July, make changes, spice up your routine and allow yourself space to connect to nature as often as you can!

Much love,

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