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Touching the Surface

Kinesiology Session

What to expect in a Kinesiology session?

Your kinesiology session, will take place over 90 minutes as at the start of the session we will discuss your issue or what you would like to work on and take a history that covers all aspects of your health. From there I will then help you to define what you would like to achieve from the session and if you don’t know exactly what you want then we may use the session to help you find clarity or direction or a physical issue as a starting point. For subsequent consultations the session may only need a short period of time in counselling-goal setting phase therefore more time can be spent on the body work.

From here you will move to the massage table (fully clothed) whilst I use muscle testing in combination with acupressure points (don’t worry no needles are used!) to determine where there are imbalances in your energetic system in relation to the goal we have set for the session. Using a goal-affirmation statement at the start of the session enables me to ‘talk’ to your body to accurately define where the stress is located within your system to clear to allow you to achieve this goal.


During the session I may use a number of  techniques including holding acupoints, using flower essences, colour, crystals  or sound tools to correct the imbalance and unblock the ‘blocked’ energy pathways and help restore balance to the system. We may find that emotional stress is a factor in the imbalance and might talk to you about this in order to help you become consciously aware of how it relates to the problem. When emotional stress is brought into conscious awareness it is easier to integrate and release.

Then at the end of the session I will review what has been achieved during the session and a summary of any relevant homework or lifestyle changes that may support you at home.


Most clients report feeling relaxed and lighter at the end of a kinesiology session, but it is important to remember that it can take a few days for things to fully fall into place after the session so make sure that you allow yourself time and space to integrate over the following days and make self-care a priority!


A series of sessions is most beneficial. Four to six sessions is a traditional recommendation and gives your emotional and physical body time to shift and support long lasting change.

Are you looking to de-stress and relax?

Does everything just feel ‘too much’ sometimes?

Would you like to recharge and gain peace of mind?

Are you anxious or seeking help to cope with pain or illness?


Contact me to see if Kinesiology can help you!


Approx. 15 minutes from the city,

in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide,

Evandale, Adelaide, South Australia

0419 810 513



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