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 Ali Tucker
Embodied Wellness

Energy Medicine Practitioner
Multidimensional Channel
Intuitive Lightworker

Reiki Master/Teacher

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I am so glad that you are here!

My mission is to support you to create energetic balance through your mind-body-soul, to reconnect you to your authentic self and your own sacred soul medicine using energy activation-healing via intuitive guidance and channeling, Kinesiology and Reiki.

I am your Intuitive Guide, leading you back home to yourself. To rediscover your sense of self, the divine essence that is within you, to support you to step out into the world as your fully authentic self, enabling you to live a joyful fulfilling life that is your birthright!

It's time to create a life you love to live, breathe and be in!

To tune into your inner guiding light!

Are you ready to rewrite your story, your future?!

Then trust your soul has led you here, because you are in the right place!

Kinesiology is a gentle healing modality that uses a blend of Western and Traditional Chinese medicine, using a technique called muscle monitoring we can access feedback from the brain via your central nervous system. As stress can cause the muscles to behave differently, we can use your muscles to identify where an imbalance is being held in your body, subconscious mind or on an energetic level. In this way Kinesiology can bypass the conscious mind to isolate the underlying factors in a person’s being, whether that is emotional, psychological, spiritual or in the subconscious mind, and therefore able to tap into energies that other modalities cannot and look beyond the symptoms. This is what makes Kinesiology such a powerful healing modality.


Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’, is a Japanese form of therapy that aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing. Developed in the late 19th century, Reiki is applied through a non-invasive, non-manipulative touch gentle touch. Reiki energy, often described as ‘Universal Life Energy’ or ‘Spiritual Energy’ is based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of a person’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. If you want to release stress, shift stuck energy, find some relief from physical ailments and just relax and recharge then Reiki is for you!


If you don’t know where to start I always suggest trying a Reiki session, as Reiki is a wonderful introduction into the world of energy healing and the pure bliss, peace and relaxation you feel after the session will have you floating out the door! Reiki’s gentle energy cleansing and clearing while you lay fully clothed in stillness will give you a taste of the power energy healing can offer. Once you are ready, or maybe you are ready now, then dive into the power of Kinesiology to begin your journey to making radical positive change and transformation.


I practice in Evandale, in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia and online consultations via Zoom

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