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The 'Opening to the Light of You' is a 4-session series of activations from live sessions run in December 2022.


This a 4-part MP3 audio recording series offers support for you with Activation – Integration – Calibration – Expansion of your 'light', the divine within you.


Supporting you to release the old energies stored in your body and auric field, to calibrate your light body, your I Am presence, so your vibration can rise.


If you have been feeling the intensity of the cosmic energies, your own soul's expansion journey or maybe you are feeling your awakening beginning; a knowing that there is something more....


This is a safe space for you to land and begin to remember who you truly are, to clear and calibrate to the new or to just honour yourself in sacred space.


As energy is not bound by time or space, even though the intention of this series was to release 2022 energies in preparation and calibration for 2023, these activations and energy transmissions will be just as powerful for you to receive wherever you are in your journey.


Each of the 4 sessions are approx 50 mins in length.


Please note this series is a downloadable purchase only.

The 'Opening to the Light of You' series

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