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11 - 11 Portal Energy Transmission

We wish to begin by bringing your attention to the energy of numbers, the significance of opening doorways, portals, through this time. We suggest using this as a catalyst to begin the creation process, to manifest in delight of creation portals that exist through these number sequences. We invite you now to consider what you desire to create, to manifest, to bring to life as it were, in your own life.

Is there a feeling or state of being you wish to anchor in? Or is it a particular job, career, housing move? Or for some it might be to release, to release an existing pattern or conditioning that you are ready to let go of.

The importance of using these number sequences as a portal allows for more powerful opportunity to create change and growth, to shift to a more prosperous timeline. Anchoring you in new energy, new states of being; feeling more aligned to one's true self, divine nature.

We ask you to be open to using the idea of number sequences, whether that be dates or times, and ‘play’ with opening a creation portal to effect desired change and growth. With that in mind, we feel you are now ready to understand and to receive the powerful opportunity that presents itself at this time.

11-11 is an opening of a vortex of powerful energy to catapult you to a higher timeline if you choose. For some of you, you are already feeling this powerful opportunity, desiring change yet perhaps frustrated, overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. Yet feeling that soft pull from Soul nudging you to wanting more, desiring to make changes, that surpass the egos desire to create fear behind change.

We are inviting you to open yourself to the idea of change; to this time of change, to the possibility that change will create the freedom and ease that you have been desiring. If not consciously then innately. This is a point in time that you get to choose, you can make a choice to ignore bury your head and keep creating the same existence under the same patterns. Or you can choose differently to step out of your egos comfort zone and claim your innate power as a sovereign creator being. This is what we desire for you, humanity and your planet at this time. We desire you to see how powerful you are. To see that if you just took action on your words, feelings, thoughts of discontentment that you could effect great change, and not just as an individual being, as one; as a collective opening up to change.

Opening up to the deeper consciousness of the collective creating oneness and unity amongst beings as you find and accept that you are oneness and unity within you.

Taking one step at a time dear ones, it only takes one step at a time. As we stated in the November energy transmission, change does not require a large impact. Rather, change begins by taking one small simple action at a time, one after the other, creating small movement yet greater momentum guiding you into periods of desired change slowly but surely. Small simple actions is the message dear ones.

We invite you in the light of the 11-11 portal to reflect, to consider, what is one small simple action I can take towards my desired state of being; the life I desire to create to be in? What is one small simple step I can take to initiate my willingness to commit to creating change under my own leadership? Where can I begin to lead myself?

Looking within for the answers, the guidance, the support, and the love. To begin to understand you need to take responsibility for your own creations; those being this life you are currently living, existing, in.

We are not asking you to take a leap off a cliff face. We are asking you to simply find one action, one change, to your daily routine. One inclusion into a self-care devotion practice, one clear intention, to commit to and create as a sovereign creator being. This might be receiving the awareness of your sovereignty, that you are a creator being, and seeing yourself as this; claiming this as you.

For many we see this as the first step and that will do. We do remind you that you will need to consider the next step. Then the next step and so on and so on. Do not stop with just this awareness. Begin to take responsibility as the creator of your own life and create what you want to see, to feel to be; take back your own power and be the leader, the guide, the champion of your own life. "

We thank you for receiving this message. We know that this feels to be, to quote, tough love. Yet it is because we love you that we are seeking to impress what and who you are to activate and initiate your awareness into a deeper understanding; to affect greater change within your own journey and existence; and that of humanity and your planet consciousness.

With love and gratitude and truth within, The Great Creative Beings - The Elohim"

This transmission was channeled with this community in mind, with the intention of what guidance and desired action would serve us in this energy portal; in our highest good at this time.

I am holding space for you beautiful soul, particularly as you navigate these times on your journey. The light, love, in me; honours the light, love, in you



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