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2023 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

For 2023 the central theme is one of Grace, learning to surrender and receive the frequency of Grace.

To stop holding onto so much in your hearts and open to free and release into the energy of grace.

To surrender the woes, the struggles, the burdens. as readily as you feel or receive them, allowing yourself to receive the lesson without holding on to the pain and suffering.

Suffering is not meant to be an extended experience. Rather it is part of the initial lesson, to experience the polarity of emotions, so many of you hold the suffering, these ‘war wounds’, almost as a badge of honor.

Accumulating, wearing and professing loudly to one another. This is not as it was intended. Rather, it was to let go of the pain-suffering as you recognize and receive the lesson of the experience.

We are encouraging you to practice surrender and release with your emotional burdens, to become in flow with receiving and releasing as much as receiving and giving.

This will be important as the opportunities arise for you to raise your own vibration, to attune your frequency to the higher planes and dimensions. Less density in your field is required if you choose to embrace your own personal ascension, to embrace the paradigms of the New Earth.

The opportunities will increase in 2023 for deep awakening and ascension. While initially it might feel as the stretching and challenging feels too much. Remember that in order to move to where you are intending to rise to, that you will need to experience the contraction before the final freedom of expansion.

Expanding within and without will occur with your ascension and we would invite you to bring greater inner awareness to this experience being a part of your ascension journey; and allowing yourself to surrender to the opening and expanding rather than focusing on and impeding the resistance that feels to be present.

In moments of contraction versus expansion we invite you to remember the three C's -




Be clear and conscious with your intent, your words, actions and expressions. The opportunity to create and manifest will be abundant in 2023. Be mindful of where you are putting your thoughts and energy as this will be manifested in your physical reality.

So often we see the complaints and the chosen suffering through misplaced intention and awareness. Therefore we say again be consciously clear on, and with, what you are choosing to think, say, do, and act on.

An activity to demonstrate this would be to play with choosing to focus your mind, your thoughts and actions on a particular thing and see how quickly it is created or manifested into your physical reality. You may be surprised how quickly and easily this happens.

You are far more powerful than you realize dear ones, you are creative beings at the very core of your essence, you are made in the image and likeness of the Creator. Therefore you have the same ability to create your existence to manifest in the physical. Choose wisely and have fun with this.

We also digress to share as solemn as we have been - we also want this to be balanced with lightness, calling you into a frequency of play, curiosity and fun. So do not become over conscious and hyper critical or hyper vigilant on your thoughts and actions. Rather choose to seek the lighter path,  have fun, be playful and creative, and not just in co-creating and manifesting; but in all avenues of your experience on earth.

Let 2023 be the year that you invite a more slow paced energy. Yes, even slower than you have been, and create space for more fun and play.

Follow the flow on the path of lightness, of least resistance. We invite you to remember, as part of your remembering, that your soul chose to experience life in human form. So to experience the polarity of emotions, one also can experience pleasure and joy that exists in connection to each other and to the earth.

Let this be ‘pinned’ to the top of your mind.

You are spirit in human form.

Enjoy the experience of life being human with the connection and alignment to your spirit self. Welcome in a more multi dimensional alignment and experience.

We leave you with one final piece, an invitation to embody Peace in your state of being. To welcome the energy of Grace and Peace as your foundational frequency.

Moving from this point forward, the way you relate to, or choose suffering is optional. For many of you, you are consciously choosing your state of being landed in suffering. We again draw back to the start of this message and invite you to choose clearly and consciously, to embody, to be, to become a frequency of both peace and grace.

Know that we are working here with you. You only need ask for our help or to connect to us, we are waiting in the wings to support your ascension journey, both in physical form and in spirit.

Open to receive and connect; and to connect through the earth-Gaia in nature.

Know that you are not alone, even when it may feel as if you are. We are excited to step into the frequency of the new year with you, the frequency of the new paradigm of New Earth and are grateful to have shared in this message with you.

In love, truth and wisdom of all.

And so it is.

And so it is.

And so it is.

Surrender in Grace, Peace and Conscious, Clear, Choosing-Choice, are the key themes for you in 2023.

Tools to help support the journey over 2023 -

  • Mirror work

  • Grounding practices; connecting through nature/the earth

  • Play and gentle movement through dance, stretching, walking, anything uplifting to you.

  • Creating a sacred space in your environment, an altar or sacred place for devotion to self; to sit, connect, to find stillness. To make this a place that you can come to daily, to honor yourself and your journey.

  • To slow down and seek inward rather than externally through others and ‘things’.

  • To surrender - to let go - to surrender - to allow grace and peace within you to be received.

Journal prompts for you to consider:

How can I connect more deeply to myself?

What daily practice or ritual might be supportive to establishing an inner connection and devotion for me?

The light, the love and the divinity within me honours the light, the love and divinity within you.



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