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Akashic Energy + Guidance for December 2022

December 2022 Energy from the Akashic Records for The Sacred Light Collective, for You.

We greet you with love dear one, we greet you with love as you come into this joyous, celebratory time of your year.

We invite you to pause, to reflect, to see from within and without; to gather, to connect with others, with the earth, nature, the elements and with yourself. We see the hard work that you have been doing. We have seen the hard work that you have been putting in to your journey. And we say - Well done, Well done.

Now it's time to reap the reward. It's time to allow yourself to receive the joy and the pleasure of simply ‘being’, of simply living life at this time, experiencing your humanness and your spirit. It is okay to pause, to rest, to integrate and calibrate as you prepare to step forward - into the new year- with significance as you step into a more aligned version of you.

The opening is beginning do you see, the opening to witness the growing and expanding of you. You are witnessing yourself in a new way. Fighting the familiarity of the old, with the fire and desire of the new. It is opening to this experience with grace and tenderness, that is your way through dear one, opening to the grace and the love within you.

Being tied to external resources will no longer serve you. You will notice it does not work or favour you to seek the external comfort and satisfaction that maybe it once did. That is the opening dear one, that is the opening that you you seek, that you have been journeying to open into.

Let your inner world now be your resources and support. Go within even more now, go within and reap the rewards; the peace, the bliss the satisfaction all within you, ready for the taking.

Let go of old ways now, let go of the old in favour of the new. Opening to a brand new you, in a brand new year, freshness of starting the script anew, creating from a blank page. No restriction or limitation, the creative credit is with you now dear one. Continue to grow within, continue to deepen awareness to the inner resources and support; anchor into comfortability for this month ahead in preparation for the new year; the new opportunities ahead.

The groundwork is being completed, the groundwork is being completed at this time.

Taking stock of your resources preparing to create beautiful pleasures from a full abundance place. Open your heart and receive the love already there within you. Open your heart and receive. It is our pleasure to offer you this gift of stillness, peace and presence. We call you to dance, to celebrate, to ‘be’; the joy and the tidings of the season. Experience pleasure in every moment, joyfully connecting to all that is, creating and receiving magic within and without. Most notably creating the magic within and extending love kindness and joy to others without.

Breathe in great tidings dear one - Breathe and exhale great tidings of love, to the air, the Earth, to those around you; to all sentient beings. We invite you to align to your heart and your inner truth as we share transmission with you.

Breathing through your heart, allowing the vibrations, the essence of your star and soul family to resonate through your heart and your entire being. Breathing and just receiving within. Feel this awakening and remembering, and this activation in alignment with your star and soul family who are here to share in the joyful tidings of peace and joy. Who are here ready to walk this path with you. To remember more of who you are - as you claim more of who you are through your journey ahead. As you use the resources and the support that you have within, from remembrance of your origins, your cosmic origins, bringing forward your gifts into this lifetime and creating magic.

We are delighted to share in this gift of awakening and remembrance with you and we thank you. We thank you, for being being ‘here’; and participating in in this wonderful earthly experience and connecting with us here.

With great love and blessings.

And so it is. And so it is. And so it is.

For you the reader, I offer deep gratitude and love for your presence and co-creation. May you open your heart and receive this transmission; clearly, gently, and in the love that it was channeled.

The light and love, the divinity, within me; honours the light, the love and the divinity within you.


There is also an audio version of this transmission with a light code activation.

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