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Mid November 2022 Cards for Energy + Guidance

Energy update for mid November 2022 –

“It is time to shine your light dear ones, time to free yourself from within and allow your light to be seen, to step outside of the shadows and take centre stage.

The time is here to rise, dear ones, to rise; and be who you came here to be, who you truly are.

This is a call to action.

You are being asked to step up and create the change you desire, that you want to experience. To be aware of the subtle ideas, inspiration, those little nagging thoughts driving you to action that you have been ignoring.

Take action, one step at a time, that is all that is needed.

You are being blessed and activated with divine support dear ones, know that you are deeply loved, supported and safe, being held in the presence of Love. We are the activators, of the call to action, to unlock the power within you; your inner light.

Just taking the small action of being you, making choices that feel good for you, having the courage to speak your truth, your desires, your needs; with the knowledge in the divine support around you as you step into more of who you are - as you shine more of your own light.”

If you are feeling the call to action…. if you have something nagging you deep within….that it is time….if you are just feeling ready for more but you don't know where to start; I would like to invite you into the Opening of the Light of You Portal.

This is a four-week portal where we meet for 60 minutes once a week over Zoom as a group. I share an energy transmission - healing, light language activations, really whatever comes through from Spirit and your Highest Self to help support you to ‘Opening to the Light of You’.

This is a safe space for you to land and begin to remember who you truly are, to clear and calibrate to the new or to just honour yourself in sacred space as you navigate the busy holiday season ahead.

This portal space feels like a small pocket of heaven that you can bring into your week as we close out 2022, I am delighted to be able to bring this space at this time because I feel there is such a beautiful opportunity to rise and shine our light together as One.

If you are feeling the pull and this sounds like it is for you - then click the link below for more information or reach out to me directly.

The light in me honours the light in you.


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