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Channelled Message and Energy Transmission for Mid February 2022

This is in part channeled message and energy transmission for the current energies, the ascension and new earth energy that we are experiencing. I received this to share as I was connecting to what would best support my own personal experience, and this came forward to share with you, the collective as well. May this guide you to peace, ease any tension and calm your spirit, mind and body.

“Patience dear ones. Patience as you move through the spiral of healing, one cannot rush or jump, one must move around and around the spiral, gently moving, releasing resistance and allowing. Trust the moving is occurring, trust the process of this healing, trust you are moving in the right direction.

Time is not linear, healing occurs beyond, there is no timeline or time frame to receive in healing, it just is now. Release regret, release fear and all that doesn’t serve you, just be present in the now with gentle self-acceptance for you here, now in this moment. Witness this version of you with love and compassion for this is the greatest strength to be with you here now.

All paths lead home, to yourself, choose whichever path you must, know that the path, this journey all leads you home to YOU.”

Trust that even if you hear this message or receive this transmission outside of the February 2022 energies, that it extends past time/space and you will receive exactly what you are meant to receive and need to receive.

The light code transmission that was received with this message is available in the video below, listen to it as many times as you feel called to.

I now have a YouTube channel - The Sacred Light Collective - as a way to share more of the messages and energy transmissions I am receiving, so head over to the channel and subscribe to keep up to date with it all!

I hope you enjoy and find this supportive and thank you for joining me in co-creation of our soul’s journey!

Much love,

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