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2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

For 2022 there is a theme of expansion, of moving past what it is that you thought you were capable of, of what you thought you knew. Expanding into a deeper truth of yourself, inner connection and remembrance; an opening and understanding of your heart and your soul, the inner connection and deepening of what you desire and of what you're being called towards.

The desire and inner calling that has been bubbling below the surface, starts to become difficult to ignore, to push away, to avoid or bypass - the way is clearing, the murkiness and the fogginess clears to clarity. It's like looking out a window and seeing the view for the first time, it's experiencing life from a new perspective, with fresh eyes, maybe seeing things that weren't there before and perhaps now seeing things as they actually are.

The illusion is clearing.

The truth is becoming more present and more available to you. Your heart is opening more deeply, allowing the mind to open and expand, feeling and seeing life through your open heart; with more compassion, gentleness and ‘spirit’. You are beginning to recognize when you're being reactive or taking something too personally, beginning to separate from the separateness that exists within the illusion of your mind. Beginning to understand the inner workings of the ego mind, making new choices and experiencing the freedom through a powerful choice, from truth, and from your heart. Exercising your ability to choose, recognizing that you always have a choice and that even in a reaction or response, you are making a choice.

So, what are you going to choose as you move through 2022?

Will you choose to react and respond? Or will you choose love, compassion, gentleness on yourself and those around you?

Can you choose to put down the armour, to soften to love, to soften your ‘defenses’, to soften to the experience that's here for you?!

You are being called, to be willing to remember who are you; called to come home to yourself. To come home to the divine infinite essence that exists deep within your being; releasing the past with love and looking forward with love. All the while anchoring in the present with love. You are love, you are loved.

Expansion, inner connection and remembrance are the key themes for you in 2022.

Journal prompts for you to consider:

Where can you expand?

What does expansion feel/look like for you?

How will you expand?

How can you connect more deeply to yourself?

How can you create the space/time to allow yourself to go within?

What daily practice or ritual might be supportive to establishing an inner connection with yourself?

Much love,

Ali xx


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