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June 2022 Gateway of Light Activation energy

Gateway of Light Activation card from Kyle Gray’s oracle deck for June 2022 is:

“Stellar Gateway Activation”

The transmission received with this card –

‘Open your heart and minds, open to receive your greatest truth. Open to the remembrance of your own infinite potential greatness and power. Take time to absorb the memories, for cellular activation to initiate, to open you to your infinite potential from your point anchored on Earth. It is time for you now, it is opening for you now, opening for you to see the possibilities that exist. What do you choose? What timeline do you wish to operate from? Where does the highest version call you to be? Open to all possibilities, clear the mind of old limitations and perspectives, open to infinite possibilities and receive. Trust what you see, feel, hear - trust what you receive.’

The message/activation from the Stellar Gateway Activation card itself is -

Infinite Potential – Manifestation Vortex"

You are a master of manifestation - every one of your thoughts, actions, non-actions, and choices is affecting the unfolding of your path. Realize that you have great potential and power within you, and through your focused awareness you can draw on heavenly support to create the life of your wildest dreams. Know that all energies you connect with are carried up to your Stellar Gateway, and if they are aligned with the intentions your soul had before this incarnation, opportunities will come your way. It is important to consider connecting with your cosmic origins at this time and also tracking down the intentions of your soul, for if you can bring your wishes in this life together with your pre-life intentions, you can live a life that is aligned with the highest heavens.

Breathe deeply. Imagine that your breath is taking you up and out to connect with the infinite potential held within the stars. Affirm -

“I connect with heaven and earth, to create heaven on earth.”

Use the energy and message of this card to light your way in June 2022 or whenever you come across this post - energy is not bound by time and space - trust you will see or feel this when it is aligned for you.

Remember that you are an infinite being of potential and possibility - you're absolutely made for this!

To read to the accompanying June 2022 Akashic energy transmission click here.

Much love,


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