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June 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

“There is a deepening available to you now. A deepening of inner connection and alignment to truth, to source, to oneness. You are remembering. You are remembering, and the deepening of your remembrance is indeed the catalyst to the knowledge and becoming of the truth of who you are. The truth of all that is. Let your heart expand as you receive these words. Let your heart open and stretch to receive the breadth of this transmission. For in the fire is the truth and you must open to the fire to see the truth.

You must feel safe to face the fire, the inner shadows, to reveal what is truly present beneath the shadows, the fears and illusions. This is truth, this is love, for only love is real. You are beginning to see this, to understand this, that where love exists fear cannot. The timing of this transmission is important. The timing exists because of your own capacity to receive such a message as your own heart opens and expands to this remembering, this inner fire; can the transformation fully begin. It is time to get into the murky depths you have avoided, it is time to face your inner demons. Let yourself have space to initiate and receive this, to fully immerse in your inner fire, your temple to burn away the shadows that have existed for far too long. To face all that you have not yet been willing to face. For you cannot go where you need to go without this occurring. You cannot move with this momentum until you open fully to inner forgiveness, self-realization and reconciliation; to take action under your own inner leadership before stepping up in a more defined leadership in your life. Witness this truth - feel this truth - fully see yourself in this truth and hold yourself with love and compassion. Allow the grace of God to move through you, to feel the transmutation that is possible when you fully open under the light and love of Source. Take time here trust that all will be revealed when ready. For now, choose to step into radical self-love and acceptance on this path to growth, transformation and the evolution of your mind, body and soul. Trust it is so.

As you are receiving so much at this time, upgrades, activation's, initiation's and awareness. Allow your crown chakra to open and receive into the fullness of your body and energy field with ease. Let yourself open to receive the greater and higher guidance from within. Allow the flow of divine love to pour through your being, to find your centre of stillness within your body, grounding and anchoring this to Mother Gaia. Take time to recharge, retreat within, honour this season that is upon you. You are in deep rest, hibernation, planted deep in the earth, awaiting the time of action as the cycle moves towards spring. You are in the space of the Great Void, surrender to this place with faith, hope and trust. Rest and let go to receive what is needed for you to begin the next cycle. Slow down, honour yourself and your body. Treat yourself kindly, gently begin to move towards a deeper acceptance and appreciation for yourself, for life, for all the moving parts that orchestrate this great manifestation of life on Earth. Trust the unfolding, the weaving, is happening, trust this call to surrender within, trust that you are in a period of your cycle that requires you to slow down, rest and pause. Give yourself grace as you recalibrate the momentous shifts that you have been experiencing the last few months. Recalibrating now to this new frequency, which all takes time and space to occur. Let it be so.”

Key areas of focus for June 2022 and alignment tips to support you in this energy –

  • Take time to retreat. Breathe deeply and often connecting within, centring to your heart, breathing love in and out of your heart.

  • Staying open, expansive through your body and aura. Throwing yourself open like French doors using breath work to open and expand out 360 degrees, remaining open to receive.

  • Grounding practices to anchor you to your base and earth star chakras and to the earth, to ensure you to feel safe and supported to fully open your crown chakra to receive all that is present for you.

  • Rest - Slow Down - Retreat Within - Hydrate - Nourish - Rest - and Repeat!

This month of June 2022 is asking you to honour yourself, the cycles within and without, therefore to allow the seeds you have planted over the last few months space to be nourished in the earth.

So, I just invite you alongside this transmission, this energy, these words, to receive this in your awareness. Let it become the seed that will sprout, that will bloom and blossom when the cycle calls.

Honour yourself, honour your cycles and surrender even more deeply into the flow of the energies within you. Honour the call to slow down and rest and come back to this transmission when you need the reminder or nudge to give yourself permission to slow down and rest!

To read to Gateway of Light oracle card for June 2022 energy click here.

Much love,


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