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May 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

“We bring great news and great joy; the tide is turning the celebrations can begin. The immense pressure that you felt has now been released. It is time to move forward again, to move in flow of what is now here and present. You are evolving at rapid speeds. It is time to move forward in this growth, to claim your power in this experience and to move forward in momentum of flow that is drawing you to where you need to be.

What is the action here you are called to?

What has been brewing within you?

What are you ready to express in this life?

You are ready to claim this action, to stand in your power, to express and shine your light. It does not matter what you do per se. Listen to your inner voice and make a small step - a small action then follow with the next - keep moving, following the breadcrumbs along the path, allowing your inner voice to trust in the flow.

You do not need to know where you're going. That will come in time. For now, use the energy of momentum that is inviting you, pulling you, forward. Take action before you know what it means.

Fluidity – Movement - Ease, is your focus for the month of May.

Let this be your guide and come back to alignment when needed through fluidity - movement – ease. The tipping point has come, your hard work is being rewarded.

The Eclipse shadow season has you ready to evolve to a new point on your journey.

Your frequency is increasing and you are moving into the vibration of the New Earth. Choose to step forward into this vibration with loving gentle action and allow the fluidity and ease carry you.

Let go and surrender to the present. Do what you haven't done before, or do what you have been pondering on. It is time to take chances, to take leaps, to trust in the greater unknown and magic to carry you through.

The time is now.

Let yourself go. Let go of old obstacles in your path. See a new, fresh perspective of open calm clear seas - sail ahead with confidence and trust. Let it be so.”


I feel that I would like to add another layer to the transmission for the May 2022 energies here as when I received this, it didn't sit comfortably with me. In fact, I doubted it and I went back into the records a couple of times to clarify and ask…... Are you sure this is the message that's here for my community?! And it's through my Light Rising journey, which is a 21-day experience where I'm channelling 30 minutes of Reiki daily, that so much has been unfolding in this space. It has proved to be not just a powerful journey for the participants, the beautiful souls that are diving into activation and immersion with their soul sacred self, but for me personally. As the subtle weavings, the threads, that are linking together from all of these aspects; that perhaps I would have missed had I not been on this journey, had I not been slowing down, creating more stillness and more awareness to the subtleties of the messages that have been available for me to receive.

The celebration energy and the messaging about taking action through fluidity, movement and ease, just wasn't sitting right and I couldn't quite put my finger on why. I didn't understand what they were sharing for us through that and something then landed, well a number of pieces actually landed, and it was like the full weaving of the messages, the medicine, came to life and I recognized that this was in connection to our awareness of our divine feminine and masculine energies within. Bringing about a deeper union, bringing our attention and awareness to this sacred union within. Because there is a journey that's happening in the collective and Gaia at present, supporting a uniting of the feminine and masculine in a more balanced energy and honouring the cycles within us and without us, honouring the cycles we have within our own bodies - honouring the cycles within our energy - honouring the cycles in nature, in life all around us.

And really this is what the masculine and feminine energy does – it calls us into awareness of the cycles, where we allow ourselves to slow down, to go within, to retreat, to receive through the feminine; enabling us to move into the action, the movement, the steps, carrying that fluidity, flow that ease into the masculine space, allowing us to move through the cycle in flow.

Have you noticed times where maybe you're taking action, you're pushing or you're forcing something, meeting resistance and it's not happening, not coming together? It's not working and you're getting frustrated? Which makes you push even more!

What if you just stepped back from that…... what if you just honoured the resistance on this cycle that was asking you to pause, to wait, to maybe wait for more of these weavings to come together through divine timing? Maybe you were looking in the wrong direction altogether.

The resistance is inviting you to slow down, to go within, to retreat into the feminine energy space; to wait for the pull, a call into the flow of the masculine, into the movement of the masculine into the action.

I wanted to share this in addition to the transmission, to bring some more clarity to the words, the energy that is here and to understand the depths that are being shared with us at the moment, the layers that are available to us to begin to support you; to be bringing awareness to your cycles within and without. And I say within and without - within honouring your own cycles, of your body your energy, of life moving through you and honouring the cycles in nature, in the universe around us. Bringing more awareness to the need for rest, the need to slow down, to honour that natural cycle. Much like the season of winter, time to go within, enter the void or the womb, to then move into the spring, the blooming, blossoming, the action and movement of growth.

So, I just invite you alongside this transmission, this energy, these words, to receive this in your awareness. Let it become the seed that will sprout, that will bloom and blossom when the cycle calls. Honour yourself, honour your cycles and surrender even more deeply into the flow of the energies within you.

Key areas of focus for May 2022 and to support you in this energy –

· Take action - Make movement

· Trust yourself - Back yourself

· Remember you are not alone - You are not doing this alone

· Follow the flow - pause if you find resistance and wait, or look for, the point of flow then move accordingly

Be open to the action, to the movement, being to retreat within. To be connecting within, to surrendering within, to surrendering to the pause, the void, noticing that action does not always mean “doing”.

Gateway of Light Activation card from Kyle Gray’s oracle deck for May 2022 is:

“Orion Activation”

The Orion Masters shared this message with the card –

“We are opening you to your potential, to the infinite potential you are you see, the remembering, the rebirth as you receive this activation. To awaken, renew, relight your soul connection within. Your souls purpose is becoming clearer, as you are now called to take action on this cause, called to stand further and more deeply in the light, as the light; being the light. The renewal and restoration is occurring as an individual and in the collective now, you're being called to activate as part of this larger soul mission in connection, in contract, to the Earth. Calling forth the light of the new Earth to begin. Claim your power, your light and stand tall dear one - it is time to shine.

The message/activation from the Orion Activation card itself is -

Supernova – Recreation - Renewal - Rebirthed by light"

All of your fears and setbacks are being stripped from your energy now, it is essential for your old way of being to fall away and for you to go through a process of renewal in order to move forward. The old stories of your life aren't yours to live out or live up to. You are far greater than these limiting experiences. The beings of Orion are surrounding you now and they see you as one of them. Someone who has been born with the knowledge that they can live with great purpose and make a real difference to the world. Whether on a global scale or in a particular corner of the planet. When you draw this card, you are being reminded that you have infinite star potential.

“Great wise ones of Orion thank you for supporting my recreation and renewal. I am ready to shine like a star

This month of May 2022 is asking you to honour yourself, the cycles within and without, and to take action in accordance with your inner wisdom. Create space, stillness to receive your inner wisdom and take action, even baby steps, trusting this guidance to carry you in the new flow and momentum of energy and vibration. Notice where there is no guidance or a call to retreat, pause, wait as this is the guidance – to move in communion with the energy flow of your feminine and masculine energies.

Much love,

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