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Transmission with Archangel Metatron

Message from Archangel Metatron for those feeling lack of confidence and trust on their path -

You will see the transformation, the knowing of self more deeply, profoundly, unwaveringly. You are ready for this transmission, into the fullness of who you are.This has been activated by your willingness to allow and receive this - trust that You have led this journey of discovery. You are already unwaveringly following your spiritual path. While the path you tread may feel uncomfortable and expanding at this time. It is You who has chosen to walk - to believe - to trust yourself in the knowing of this path that you walk is already written.

It is written by You for You.

You are answering your own call, beloved one. You are the creator, writer, director, the architect of this journey, you are walking your own path.

Take heart from this knowledge it is You that scripted this path and it is in your reclaiming of who you are; in rediscovering the essence of you, the truth of who you are, is activating the unfolding of a sequence of events to draw in the next level of You.

The next offering of You is unfolding rapidly across multiple timelines. The acceleration has provided new opportunities for this current timeline. It will feel expanded and stretched to afford you opportunity to choose - currently you have chosen to step in more deeply at each critical point which is why it feels this way.

It is You that has created the depth of each unfolding and that is not said to scold or scare you. That is simply the truth. Your choosing, your freewill, has created the depth and expansion you are experiencing. This is shared at this time to expand your exploration of self-trust and belief, to create a deeper understanding that it is only in your understanding of self, that enables you to feel can believe, that you can trust - as it is You and only You in the driver's seat of your journey.

You are experiencing your own design through your own divine blueprint. It is a magnificent, magical piece; a divine creation. Take heart with pride and pleasure at this advancement and this creation. Your whole Be-ing thanks you in gratitude and love for the believing and trusting in itself.

Do you see you are already in the frequency of self-belief and trust you had just temporarily forgotten.

Open your wings dear one, receive the gifts and blessings of your open heart freed from past hurts and pain, operating from the fullness of your essence and sovereignty now.

Blessed be.”

I hope that this transmission, and message of love for you, finds you as needed.

I offer gratitude and love for your presence and co-creation.

The light and love, the divinity, within me; honours the light, the love and the divinity within you.


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