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Transmission and Activation with Goddess Ishtar

"It is a pleasure to meet you at this juncture in time. For you are expanding and rapidly growing, therefore feeling every slight stumble on the loose footing beneath you.

Gathering momentum of your ascension means letting go of some of the old, allowing parts of the old foundation to crumble and fall away. Yes, while at once it served as part of your stability and security, it is no longer required for where you are ascending.

It is safe for you to let go and trust that you will be held in our arms as you rise. It is not unsteady at all where you travel, yet it is difficult for you to feel it in the same way that you can on the denser planes of your planet.

Trust in the wave that carried you here to carry you on to the next plane. Let go, surrender to the flow; trust you are deeply supported by the Cosmic and Earth mothers as you make this transition.

I am the Goddess Ishtar and I wish to align my support to you, to offer you connection to inner peace and bliss, through the courage of gentle surrender.

It is time dear one, to loosen your grip, to let go and trust that you will softly land in the desired state of being you have been envisioning for yourself. It is true many will not receive this energetic alignment of ascension with you, it is not yours to carry that burden any longer. It serves you to trust your own ascension journey is calling you into deeper, more fulfilling aspects of yourself and in this life.

You will serve far more greatly by honouring your own path at this time and trust in the freewill of others to choose what honours their own path. You are not leaving anyone or anything behind dear one, you are opening the door, a portal, to lead the way for others to find the way forward if they choose. Allow this to be, trust the divine plan of all is unfolding in the highest good of your planet. Trust it to be so. Blessings in love. I am Ishtar."

If you wish to experience the deeper activation Ishtar shared through a light code and energy transmission you can find this below. I highly recommend listening to this one with headphones and even laying outside in nature if possible.

I offer gratitude and love for your presence and co-creation.

The light and love, the divinity, within me; honours the light, the love and the divinity within you.


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