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End of Year Reflection and Intentions...

I had been tracking so well as the end of 2019 approached and I had been starting my reflection and intention process a little earlier than in past years. The timing of the end of a decade had also prompted me to reflect over so major life changes and events I had experienced in the last 10 years and that is where the wheels started to fall off.

It felt like the gravity of embracing not only a new year, but the new decade, got to me.

I became overwhelmed with this significance of, feeling into not only a new year but a new decade, and I fell into the trap of reading all the posts, articles and blogs about setting intentions, goals, planning, etc. and seeing others seemingly successfully navigating this and on track with who/what/where they wanted to be over the next ten years.

This just threw me into a funk where I just wound up feeling very confused, stressed and overwhelmed. I lost my own mojo, my spirit and direction.

Suddenly I was in major comparison mode, which triggered feelings of not being good enough, and I felt lost, confused and had forgotten what was important to me….what was true for me.

I am sharing this as I am sure that many of you feel/felt the same and I wanted you to know that you aren’t alone. Hey I am pretty sure half the people in the online world are always not feeling confident behind their screens even when they are claiming to be. I believe there is a tendency for a majority of us to try to post what we ‘think’ we should, we try to share what we ‘think’ feels important or maybe ‘trendy’ and it is easy to get caught up in that.

I know I get caught up in being like everyone else or doing things because I think that is what people expect or want for me. And it was in this reflection that led me back to connecting in with my truth, my soul and my purpose. I had realised that I had been reluctant to post any content as I didn’t feel connected to my message, I felt inauthentic like I was channeling other people’s messages rather than creating or being my own.

Unwittingly this realisation revealed to me the core intention I want to set for moving forward into 2020 and the new decade, and that is being true to myself. Feeling confident to step up and be seen and heard as my true authentic self, to embrace the fear and recognise that the fear is showing up to reveal this new area of growth. In entering 2019 this was a strong intention for me as well, yet I don’t think I fully understood how deep the fear and insecurity ran about being seen and heard and about feeling good enough.

Somehow, as always, this lesson and potential for growth feels right at this particular point in time. I feel really ready to embody my truth and my message, to share my voice and be seen in a more public way. I know that this will not be easy and the shape-form this takes still hasn’t downloaded properly yet. The inner knowing is enough for me to trust I am on the right track, my goals only need to be simple, as the lesson is so strong and in order to move forward I need to go within, trust my inner wisdom and just block out the external noise and distraction.

Remember you are enough just as you are and try not to get caught up in comparing yourself to others, particularly when we have access to social media that can cause us to draw comparison good, bad or otherwise! Stay true to your own heart and soul, focus on travelling in your own lane and remind yourself that you are a unique soul, there is no one else in the world like you, so you cannot be compared and nor can compare yourself to another!

So this is just a reminder that you don’t have to get caught up in any particular ritual or process for the start of the New Year or decade, just be guided by what feels right for you and that might be simply to feel into an intention, guiding word, a way of feeling and/or being for the year.

I have to say that I am not huge fan of traditional goal setting, I think it has its place and can be useful. I don’t like to spend a lot of time working on creating a goals list or breakdown for the year ahead. Preferring to choose a few key simple goals that are easy to set out action steps for and yet still create big outcomes. For example my guides reminded me that I set the bar too high for myself at the best of times, so a huge goal lists in a number of areas of my life does not really serve me well. I end up beating myself up for not reaching each and every one, or put myself under pressure to tick off the To Do list!

I was guided to work with two goals each of a Personal and Business/Career nature, to just keep it simple and to the point. Now this may not resonate with you, again I stress this process is purely personal. Take the time to sit in stillness, meditate and connect in with your inner wisdom, feel into what will serve you going forward.

In addition to my four ‘goals’ I had four words come forward as my clear intention of the feelings and way of being that I want to cultivate in 2020. As I write this I realise the significance of the number 4; with 4 goals…4 intentions…the year 2020 = 4!

The angel meaning of the number 4 - “You are completely surrounded by angels, and you are being guided through whatever you are focusing on. Trust that you have all the skills, talents and abilities to overcome any obstacles and achieve your highest aspirations.” How incredibly powerful is that…definitely some synchronicity there!

My words of intention are Expansion, Freedom, Flow and Abundance.

These are ways of feeling and being that I desire to be living in and will be my guiding force for the year ahead.

Maybe you feel a connection to one or more of these, and perhaps you have your own. I find these stuck on post it notes, create phone wallpaper, written through my journal, on my diary, etc. help to remind me throughout the year of the feeling I want to align to and embody. It is also useful to check in with each month, maybe on a New Moon, and ensure that I am embodying these feelings and if not, correcting my course to align again and keep on track!

​​ If you are like me and the prospect of feeling into and planning the new decade feels too big and overwhelming then this is your permission to let go and surrender to what feels good for now. Follow my lead and keep it simple moving into this new year and allow the decade to unfold in its own course and time, remembering that everything unfolds in divine timing and exactly as it is meant to for you.

Sending you love and light for 2020 and beyond, may this be the year you start creating and living the life of your dreams!

Love and light,

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