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Akashic Card Reading for February 2023 Energy + Guidance

This is energy card reading from the Gateway of Light Activations Oracle deck for February 2023 energy and guidance with the Akashic Records for You.

We are beginning to see an energetic shift, with the new entering, more remembrance of who we are and within our soul/star family. Inviting us to step more into our alignment of mind, body, spirit; to activate our inner light, our inner star, allowing this connection and alignment to who you are to be fully open and present within you. It is this state of being, this vibration you emit, that draws in the new - the new energies, new opportunities, new people, etc. This is time to just let your light shine.

You are ready to move out of the ‘old’, out of the past, to let go of the focus on the past, and step into the presence of the ‘new’. To allow the change to occur, requires you to open and be willing to release any resistance, or fear of the new, and trust that it is here for you to evolve.

This is here for you to receive a deeper connection to your soul/star family, your divinity, your I Am Presence.

Be open to the new information, the new processes, the new ideas, the new opportunities, that are now opening in the newness of 2023. The Stellar Gateway is opening us to an understanding beyond time and space, beyond our earthly experience, aligning us with aspects of our Soul’s journey – the experience our Soul desired in physical form on Earth.

The Portal opens as a reminder that you have access to, are connected to, and are part of, Heaven and Earth. You have the ability to create and manifest through your thoughts, your actions, your choices, your state of being; recognising this great potential and power that you hold in creating your reality. This is calling you into living a life more aligned, in balance, of being a spirit in human form; of using all your gifts and abilities to the fullness of who you are in your highest potential.

We see the black and white pillars on the Halls of Amenti representing the spiritual and physical world, the sacred space between is You. See yourself as the sacred space calibrating to this deeper awareness of your spiritual self, your I Am Presence, embodied in this physical form.

Go within and receive yourself in this light, go within tenderly, gently and compassionately uniting within yourself. In order to enable you to receive new information, processes, practices, actions, the steps; to utilise the infinite potential that you are and that you hold, that exists within your physical form and step into your most aligned self in each and every moment.

You can read a full Akashic Energy + Guidance for February 2023 - HERE.

Or if you are feeling drawn to receiving this transmission more deeply, click on the video below to receive an energy transmission to support the calibration of the new, particularly with the energy of 222 Portal later in the month and aligning Mind-Body-Spirit.

Love and blessings


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