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222 Portal Energy Oracle Card Reading

This is a card reading for the 222 portal energy in 2023.

We see the message of going within, of connecting to your Heart, in particular connecting more deeply to your High Heart. To really allowing the wall, the shields, the defenses to come down and begin to open your heart fully to yourself.

To begin to really see yourself, as a divine being, to access the star blessings - the heaven within - to see yourself  as your star sacred soul self. To fully access the Holy Grail, the sacredness that is within each and every one of us.

It is through this inner journey, this inner discovery, that you will find what you are seeking. You will find the answers, guidance, the direction; and the love, the worthiness, the abundance, the safety, and the support you have been seeking externally….the external seeking which has left you unfulfilled and no closer to feeling how you desire to.

The Third Eye and the Soul Star chakras are activating through this portal. To guide you to see yourself more clearly; to see yourself more clearly as your soul self, your sacred self, the divine intelligent being that you are.

To know that it is safe for you to see yourself clearly - to go within and meet yourself, to remember who you are even more deeply.

There is a deeper awakening, activation, a remembering that is available to you now, if you choose to step within.

For some this choosing will be to to see yourself in both the light and the dark, all aspects of self to uncover the treasure that you are.

For some this will be a deeper union and reconciling of your inner divine feminine and masculine energies.

Whatever you are receiving here is the opportunity to tap into and access the high vibrational energy, clarity with the divine wisdom you hold within - that you are!

You have all of this within you - you have the power in your choosing to go within to reveal and uncover clarity, divine healing, and remembrance.

To see and feel all the answers, guidance, the direction; and the love, the worthiness, the abundance, the safety, and the support are there.

And through this you have the capacity to clear old stories, to release yourself from the past, to find freedom in the present moment - freedom in accessing your true nature, your Divine Self. The coming together in harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit in this moment.

The Pleiadians have felt very present for me through this portal and I love that they have come through this card reading to affirm their presence with us at this time.

They are coming together to call us into inner harmony within, to access love, peace, the freedom within us. And to become aware of the power that we have within, to utilize, to access, to share, to express and how that is the pathway to freedom in life. That is the pathway to living in true alignment with yourself with clarity.

The Pleideans are here to support you and your evolution, they want to help you navigate your experience as a spirit in human form - call on them for help and support at this time.

Dear friends take some time - not just in this energy around the 222 Portal - but over the coming days, weeks or months, when it feels right for you and take the step, trust yourself and go within.

Go within as often as you can, start opening, building and deepening your relationship to your sacred self, your soul, your I Am Presence.

And if this is something that you feel like you would like some support with or that you need someone to hold space for you as you begin this deeper journey. Then please reach out as I offer online and in person sessions and I would love to hold the space for you as you step into space with yourself🙏🏻💗

Holding you in my heart with deep love and gratitude,


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