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March 2022 Channelled Akashic Energy and Guidance

Hope - Seeing things are new - Taking time to explore and to play with lightness and curiosity, to see that there can be an opposite way of being and opposite truth. One that may resonate more clearly.

Time is not of importance now, moving beyond linear time and thinking, recognizing it is the journey the experience that is the focus, to bring hope to the experience to lighten the intensity upon which the ego receives. For it is not yours to carry eternally, it is but to learn to see, to feel or to experience and move forward from a point of reference.

If you like a reference to which you can move through, forward, around, alongside - no more meaning nor attachment to what is outside of you - It becomes part of knowledge, wisdom, your experience bank from which you can bound forward, adding to the foundations that you have been laying so far this year.

Peace is coming into your experience, the essence of peace, unlocking within as you move in this energy of hope. We have been sharing this idea of hope with you for some time.

You are ready; of believing in all possibilities, limitless potential - this is hope, that we speak of, that you can bring forward this frequency with any opportunity you are choosing to manifest or any experience you are trying to create.

This path is yours alone to choose now, and to choose your own adventure.

What will you desire to choose?

What adventure journey do you seek to take?

Allow yourself to open to this new exciting possibility. To be open with curiosity, freedom and lightness, letting the adventure carry you. Become aware that the unknown does not need to be feared, it can be exciting and magical if you allow it to be.

Take your adventure now. Let the energy sweep you into its flow and allow yourself to move in light, love, softness and ease. Choose to travel a new adventure in hope and peace. The power is with you to choose. You have the power to ‘choose your own adventure’.

What would support us in this energy this month?

To be patient and kind on yourself. Let yourself stumble, fall, maybe you experience a few false starts. Do not let this stop you moving in this new flow, on this new adventure. Trust in the nature, the rhythm, of life. Let it carry you now. Play with this concept. Find your ease and flow with regular deep breathing practices, grounding in nature and connecting with your I Am presence daily. Connect into your essence and this connection to the flow of Source that moves through you.

Music - Movement- Dance; will be powerful to connect more fully and deeply within and without, encouraging connection to fluidity, flow, ease through the mind body and energy fields. Let yourself be swept away in the movement, the music and feel the flow. The rhythm moving through your physical body, through the earth and from source above.

Take what you know and put it into action; Readiness now for movement through action, no matter how small, take the message, the guidance, you receive from this practice and bring into your physical reality following through in aligned action. This will support you leaning in and trusting the flow, to moving in flow.

Gateway of Light Activation card from Kyle Gray’s oracle deck for March 2022 is:

“Memories of Atlantis”

The Atlantean Council of Light also shared this message -

“There's a portal of light that is open to you now, allow yourself to step through to receive the activation and return to wholeness of who you are, to bring forward the flow of this remembrance into your life at this time. We are calling those back into remembrance to use these gifts now to support the rising of your planet and your soul evolution. Recognize and reclaim your inner power, stand and take action using these gifts to create your power in the present. This is being called through you now. Let it be so.”

The Atlantean Council of light also gifted us a light code activation and energy transmission with this message and you can find this here:

The message/activation from the Memories of Atlantis card itself is -

“Spiritual Acceleration - Progress - Technology"

"You are being transported through a gateway to connect with ancient Atlantis. Know that you drawing this card today you are receiving blessings from the Atlantean Council of Light, who are dedicated to the evolution of the soul. You are becoming more aware of your gifts and this is an exciting time, but also a time when the energies of your ego can become loud and obnoxious. Know that this gateway is appearing to remind you to stay aligned with the highest good and rooted in the energies of devotion. Then there can be a great coming together of the human and spiritual and live in a more evolved way."

This month of March 2022 is an exciting time, gathering the energy of Pisces season which opens us to our more spiritual aspect and bringing this more into our daily life, finding a middle ground between being human and spirit. Allow yourself to step into this energy with curiosity and interest, explore and be open to the magic and mysteries of life as you 'Choose Your Own Adventure' now!

With love and great blessings,


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