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Message from The Guardians of the Earth

Spread your wings and fly dear one. The earth is shifting and so are you, allow yourself to rise. To rise above and elevate. To see the greater landscape ahead, the perspective of awareness has shifted and allowed you to witness a deeper meaning to who you are and what you stand for.

Let this be your new truth, let this become part of who you are now. Seeing that these elements, aspects of self are constantly evolving and changing, and indeed that is ok. That is as it should be. It does not mean you weren’t who you were yesterday, you are that combined with who you are today. A masterful unique embodied being who allows the experience of the past to be part of the foundation and nothing more.

The meaning that so many of you hold becomes the shadow aspect and you tie this to yourself, making this mean something about who you are. Rather than allowing it to just be part of the shaping experience, the evolving of you. Do not allow the meaning to become your truth, to define who that makes you out to be - it is nothing more than part of your evolutionary process - only to be experienced and learnt, then released.

The shaping of humanity has turned, has become more about the meaning of ‘things’, the attachment to the physical, to identity, to what this makes a person to ‘’be’ and in doing so have over complicated this evolutionary process.

Come back to simplicity, come back to simple awareness in light terms.

See, feel the experience for what it is, see the lesson, learning, opportunity for further expansion and leave it be. Bring it to the light of awareness with no other meaning.

Curiosity, light exploration, compassion over judgement - and no ‘meaning’. What is, sometimes just is. Accept that. Learn from that. Be with what resonates and feels true for you and as we said allow this to become part of YOU, gentle acceptance into all of you, recognizing it is nothing more than shaping you through your experience, your journey through soul evolution and growth.

We acknowledge this concept will be confronting for some, it is time for it to be heard, to be received as this is also an opportunity to contribute to the shaping of your experience at this time.

With love and blessings dear ones, the Guardians of the Earth

I hope you enjoy and find this supportive and thank you for joining me in co-creation of our soul’s journey!

Much love,


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