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The Medicine of the Lion

I had a dream the other night where I was trying to communicate and share with a group. And no matter how hard I tried to speak up, all that would come out of my mouth was a whisper I was struggling to get a level of my voice above a whisper. And internally all I wanted to do was roar🦁

I've been reflecting on that dream over the last few days as it keeps popping into my awareness. And I find the symbolism of desiring to roar very powerful during this time of the Lionsgate energy, and because the lion has been a powerful animal guide for me over the years; representing for me the ability to stand calm and comfortably in its own power and strength not overly exerting itself through aggression or dominance. Rather observing the cycles within nature, and responding and using its powerful roar, only when it has something to declare.

The lion isn't roaring every day of its time. It's roaring to send a message,  it roars to declare, to set an intention. And as I felt into all of these aspects, and into my own journey with finding my voice, sharing my voice and feeling safe to be seen and express myself I couldn't help but notice the comparison and similarities to the lion.

Finding the balance between feeling like I need to roar….because if I'm whispering I'm not being seen and heard. And then when I'm roaring all of the time….my message is being lost, misunderstood and distorted. I'm over exerting, over taxing, pushing and forcing my voice, my power and my strength.

The awareness I received through this simple yet powerful imagery and my dream, was to embody the spirit of the lion, to embody the inner strength and the courage to stand tall in my power.

To know that I can trust my inner voice to guide me to the time to use it. It is not something that is exerted on others, pushed or forced onto others. It is used when the inner call is received.

Therefore there are times it is more powerful to stay silent and there are times to roar🦁 and being in either energy is completely okay. It is safe to be silent. It is safe to roar trusting your own inner voice, power and wisdom to guide you.

Over the years I have battled not feeling seen and heard, of losing my voice, of trying to find my voice, to have the courage to use my voice and inadvertently I have over corrected in my mindset of feeling/being seen and heard, and what that means and feels like.

Now I understand the balance, just like a lion, waiting patiently, trusting in its own inner strength and courage. Trusting the call of nature, all its own senses, to lead the time of roar and action, of when he needs to be seen and heard.

I share this as I find so many of us battle with not feeling seen and heard. Often we chase this feeling or this way of being seen and heard, which pushes us into reaction, over assertion and defensiveness.

Yet only if we stepped into our own inner power and trusted that when we see and hear ourselves in our own power, our strength, our inner courage, and answer that call - that we will be seen and heard in the truest way possible. And remembering that sometimes there is more courage in staying silent and staying true to you🦁✨💫

From my heart to yours💞

Much love

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