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The Importance and Power of an Open Heart

Recently I was listening to my daughter share an experience that she had and how it made her feel, and I was struck with a reminder that this experience she had was echoing the messaging that I had been receiving for the current energies. The guidance around opening our hearts and seeing past the fears, the illusions and seeing things as they really are. Seeing without our filters, our beliefs, our fears, our worries and how that was connected to the way we shine our light. The way we can share with an open heart, to give and receive in flow and basically how we show up in the world.

And as I was listening to her share her experiences, and even noticing her body language as she was talking to me, I realized that the depth and power of this message and the potency of reminding and encouraging every soul on this planet to not dim their light and to not become held back by others, by their experiences and reactions; and the way that can 'trigger' us and cause us to respond in a way that doesn't feel good, and ultimately doesn't serve us.

Because here I saw my beautiful girl dimming her light, not wanting to show up and be seen to celebrate herself and her successes because of the impact that this was having in those around her. And it was in this moment, so close to home, that I realized the power of this message, the power of remaining open, loving, heart centred, even when the temptation within us is to close, to retreat, to hide and pull back. It is in those moments where we need to anchor ourselves more deeply into our hearts and lean in, allowing our heart to remain open and expanded, to lean into the love that's available there within us.

To trust that if we can do this, we can clear the illusion, the fear, the belief that has been previously holding us back and we allow our light to radiate and shine. Also thereby showing others the way, showing others the power of remaining open hearted despite challenges and uncomfortable experiences, that this also supports the collective raising of our vibration and frequency of the planet.

For those of you who are parents, parents to be, teachers, aunties, uncles, grandparents, etc, in particular; what a beautiful opportunity you have to support this perspective in our children. For I believe, it is in our children first and foremost that we need to encourage living with and from an open loving heart, centred in our hearts, connecting to our truth and sharing this truth; and to encourage speaking this truth with confidence, with trust, with safety.

So, you are going to hear me share this message, my feeling is for the better part of 2022, as the focus of my purpose and my work is supporting you and the people in your world, your community, your family, your tribe to feel safe to stand with an open loving heart; to shine your light brightly no matter what is going on in your external environment. Feeling safe, confident and trusting of your own connection to yourself, your truth, your highest self.

This is an invitation for you to feel into your heart as you receive this message – take this moment to breathe in through your heart deeply and slowly exhale, allowing your heart to open, expand, stretch a little wider and receive the love that is available on your breath.

And in the moments that are most challenging and the most uncomfortable, use the power of your breath to come back to your centre, connecting with your breath through your heart, trusting you are safe to remain open and loving. Practice this, come back to this, become this.

Dear one, you are love. You are loved. You are held safely in the centre of your heart.

Much love,

Ali xx


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