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Creating space...

Creating space for yourself can mean a multitude of options and will potentially look different to everyone and depend on what your needs are at present or what your schedule looks like.

The idea of creating space really just means making time for yourself to do the things you love, are passionate about and bring you joy.

In our busy society we have been caught up in this concept of being busy and ‘busyness’ seems to have been another word for ‘stressed’. Often I hear people say I wish there were more hours in the day or I can’t do that there just isn’t time, and I have been guilty of this perspective many times. What I have noticed is when you put the To Do list to one side and just allow yourself to be guided by your inner knowing by asking what do I need right now. You can be much more productive but have added time, space and joy to your schedule as well.

Why you need to create space?

Space is needed to allow yourself the freedom to check in with yourself and meet your needs on a daily basis. There will be sometimes you are in full action mode and will embody your masculine energy, doing, creating, building, being and then days where you might need to slow down, soften and go within and connect to your feminine energy.

If you create the space for yourself to check in and tune in to your body you can then plan your day accordingly. The best way to create this space for yourself is by starting the day with meditation. This is a beautiful and easy way to connect within and give yourself the time, the ‘space’ to check in with yourself and discern what is the best way to nourish yourself for the day ahead.

Now of course there will be tasks or activities that you can’t avoid or postpone necessarily but it might mean building into your day something within a lunch break or foregoing that time in front of the TV in the evening to build in the space for creative side, your passions and just allowing yourself to be present within.

The idea is to honour yourself by allowing the time needed to devote to what you need to give each day purpose and more meaning.

To me, creating space in your life is one of the best self-care tools you can employ. If you are honouring your needs and desires each day then you are not only filling up your cup, recharging your energy but you are also demonstrating a love and respect towards yourself that enables you to really embody your worth and value.

This idea of space doesn’t mean you need to block out hours of your day as some days it may be getting up 15 minutes early and starting with meditation sets you up for the rest of the day. There may be days that you recognise that you need to really slow down and put some of the to do tasks off until tomorrow or you might need to call in sick to work and allow yourself a ‘mental health day’.

It isn’t meant to be difficult or add to any stress or overwhelm, and if it does I suggest that you back off and just simply endeavour to sit in meditation at some time during the day for 5-10 minutes and build up from there, until you can recognise the slowing down and going within process calms and relaxes you. Once you recognise this feeling you will crave more of it and therefore quite naturally be able to slip in time for this more often during the day or access that creative side which stimulates an idea or project that brings you excitement and joy.

Many of my best creative moments, ideas and inspiration have come from this space and then once I have taken the ‘spark’ more space has naturally opened up to allow me to really dive deeper into it. And amazingly enough all my other day to day tasks still got completed and time almost slowed down itself to enable me to do all I needed to do plus allow myself time to dedicate to my creative passions and pursuits.

Try this weekend or whatever day is your weekend equivalent, by sitting in meditation upon waking and just ask yourself “What is it that I need right now?” and sit with that until an idea, words, picture comes to you and whatever that is, honour yourself by trusting and following through.

This could be simply eating breakfast outside or picking up a book you have been wanting to read for a while, whatever comes to you follow through and see how the day unfolds from there. I have no doubt that in the evening as you are going to bed you will feel refreshed and revived and amazed at the productive fulfilling day you have just had.

Once you get the hang of this feeling and process, you can expand this technique to each day and create, find the space you need to devote time for yourself, your passions and hearts desires.

Take to your journal and keep a track of this process, the feelings that inspired you, the creativity that arose, the ideas and inspiration that struck during periods of space in your day. This is a great record for reflection purposes to see how far you have come and the positive impact you have made in your life. This is also a useful process to identify where you hearts desires are leading you, to assist you in creating action steps towards these desires and to keep your personal growth evolving, expanding and transforming.

This post was born in these moments and when I knew that I wanted to write but didn’t know where to start, it was in the moments where I created space that the inspiration dropped in and ideas came to me. Not always in whole form or in any sense of completion but all the pieces eventually came together.

So trust me, anything is possible and don’t limit yourself ever!

Believe in yourself and your ability to create ANYTHING!

It is in the moments of time when you slow down and tune in that the greatest gifts are received.

As one of my favourite authors and inspirations, Cassie Mendoza-Jones, says “You can find your way as you make your way. You can take baby steps every day, and they can take you so very far.”

So start with one small action step to create space in your life today and see just how far you can find your way!


Ali xx

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