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Learning to trust and have faith...

So after a couple of hectic weeks at the start of the school year, where I had found myself back in full control mode in an effort to keep on top of everything, having to monitor and allocate every minute of my day. Plus I noticed that my self-care practices had gone out the window and I was becoming tired and irritable and physically I had daily headaches, fatigue and lethargy in my body.

In my effort to keep on top of being back into routine with my daughter and school plus work and my own business I had suddenly lost the balance between all aspects and I was exhausted from trying to control every aspect of my life and most importantly I wasn’t tuning into my intuition-my inner self. I was draining my cup each day but not taking the time to fill it back up.

It wasn’t until I started questioning the physical symptoms I was experiencing that I realised I wasn’t practicing yoga every day and I hadn’t gone for a walk in over 10 days and while I crammed in meditation before getting out of bed a 5 minute meditation wasn’t enough to keep me afloat. I had lost connection with myself, my inner guide and intuition; my internal GPS had been turned off!

It was almost as soon as I realised that I needed some balance in my schedule, self-care…some ‘me’ time that I made the decision to look at my diary and without any prompting the Universe handed me a block of time. Two clients I had booked in later that week suddenly contacted me to reschedule, this now opened up a day clear. However my ego mind wrestled with me on this as no clients meant no pay, maybe it was that I wasn’t good enough practitioner, a to-do list for things around home a mile long entered my mind and fear of lack came out me from every angle.

But rather than buy into my ego mind chatter, I chose to sit with it and not buy into the fear and ego tactics to scare me off course. Now that I had given myself the opportunity to go within and check in with intuition, the message I heard was I needed to ‘trust’. To trust and have faith in myself, the Universe, and that everything was falling into place for a reason…there were lessons here and I had forgotten to look beyond my reactions and triggers to see. So despite my ego drumming up fear in my mind initially, everything else in my being was telling me to trust and that I was exactly where I meant to be. Almost immediately I felt my whole body soften and a weight lift from my shoulders.

There is a great sense of freedom and peace that comes from letting go of the reins, letting go of control and trusting. While there is some fear that arises from not being in control or not being able to see the road ahead, if you allow yourself to lean into the freedom and peace, you will find a further sense of excitement….of possibility and the nervous excitement of butterflies in your belly knowing that anything really is possible.

If we can only let go long enough to embrace and embody this feeling…the vibration and the magic that there are miracles occurring all around you. But if you don’t open yourself up…don’t let go of the reins….you miss what is occurring around you every minute of every day.

The miracle for me was in stopping and tuning in; I saw that the break in my schedule was the first time I had for myself in over 2 weeks. It was overdue and well deserved, so I thanked the Universe for providing me that opportunity. I asked my inner self “So, what would light you up today?” and the answer came simply in a vision of walking in the bush in our local conversation park. In that moment a spark already reignited in my soul as I knew that was exactly the place for me, to recharge my batteries with the gift of time and nature, there was no better self-care tool for me!

The most amazing thing happened during my walk, I chose to walk a path that I had never been and practiced trusting in myself and the Universe and having faith that I would end up at the right point…which was hopefully circling back to my car!

Along the way I saw the beauty of mother nature in all her glory, birds, butterflies, lizards and the whole time I was walking I felt a deep sense of inner peace, calm and my heart was filled with joy. Such a simple act of walking in nature had completely shifted my mindset, my body and my whole energy was vibrating a higher level.

Another benefit was having created space and stillness in my mind, the inspiration dropped in almost every ten steps. I was constantly stopping to quickly tap away the ideas, inspiration, and the guidance into my phone. And I couldn’t help smile to myself at how when you put yourself-your needs first, allow yourself time and space that there is such a great opportunity to receive creative solutions to issues or problems and so much creativity and inspiration that flows so naturally.

When we honour ourselves enough to take care of our needs first this enables us to have a full cup to always give from. And while having trust and faith might need seem like they fall into the category of ‘self-care’, this beautiful lesson demonstrated to me that in having trust, not only of myself, but in the Universe enabled me to find an inner peace and calm which had a flow on effect to my whole being mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes trusting requires blind faith; faith that you will end up exactly where you need to be and are meant to be. Trust and faith don’t come easily for me and it is an area that I am constantly tested and constantly working on. But there is something liberating about following the path with no idea where you are heading; exploring, learning and growing and that nervous excitement bubbling up in your belly with the sense of possibility brewing on the horizon.

Once I stepped into a space of self-trust it almost felt like relief and even over the remainder of that day the synchronistic messages and guidance kept flowing to me as a reminder of the lesson and the importance of sharing this with you all as it is such a simple starting point, believe in yourself, believe in a Higher Power-Universe-God whatever it looks like to you and be open to seeing the miracles unfold in your life.

This was evident as later this same day I was watching a video from Marie Forleo where she was talking about her upcoming B-School business course and at the end of the clip she explained that they offered scholarships to this course and all she asked is that you made a short video about you, your business and your why and then upload it to YouTube and provide B-School with the link to check it out for the opportunity to win a scholarship.

Now straight away my inner voice kicked in and said you have to do this! And before my ego had any time to jump in and tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t… I found myself writing out a little script that covered everything in answer to the required questions. I quickly found out how to use the video recording on my laptop as I never had any need to use it before!

This quite literally took place all in 10 minutes, I then recorded my video in one take!! Messy hair, no makeup and no prep what so ever!!

The video ran for just under 3 minutes and as I watched it back…expecting to cringe and feel silly… I was actually pleasantly surprised, I felt I looked natural and spoke about everything I wanted to say and so I went straight to YouTube and uploaded it.

Say what…??!

Yes you heard correctly, so within 15 minutes I had created a video application for a B-school scholarship and was uploading my first ever video to YouTube!

To anyone that knows me personally would know that, that is such a huge deal. For me to step up and be seen in such a way would have been unheard of prior to this. But the further I walk down my path, follow my purpose and passions and embody the lessons I am learning along the way the stronger, more confident I become.

This lesson created such a deep sense of self-trust that I knew this opportunity was exactly what I needed to do, and if nothing else the whole experience was incredibly empowering, and I knew I was a winner already just because I had stepped so outside my comfort zone it had now made me feel like I was capable of so much more!

All because I tuned into my inner trust and faith muscles!

So take some time to practice flexing your trust and faith muscles, take the first step on a new path for you and watch the miracles and magic unfold before you.

This is your life and you have the opportunity to create it in any way that you want, so go out there and make it your best life possible!

Sending you love and light,

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