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You are the creator of your life...

“You can’t change the past, you can only change the present, and it is a mystery to us that you seek to change the past rather than to see your power lies in the future. By bringing a new way of being into focus and allowing yourself to create a bigger, better, different vision, rather than being consumed by the past that you cannot change”

This was a download I received from my Guides recently and, as always is, the power of the Universe and the magic of synchronicity, I have been seeing and hearing signs to echo this message.

We are the authors and the creators of our life; we hold the power to change the story, the direction, and the future. Your present moment is based on your past beliefs and thoughts, your current thoughts determine your future.

The key message is that we need to be accountable for our role as creator; if we do nothing or keep doing life the same way then of course the outcome will still be the same. You are the author of your story.

So what do you want to create for your life?

Or what are you being called to create that you are ignoring?

See your entire life as a canvas and the picture you can create is entirely up to you and if you don't know where to start, then just focus on what inspires you, what lights you up, what brings you joy and makes you feel good!

Be open and ready, to begin to see what is in store for you and what could be in store for you!

Stop procrastinating, stop running away, stop hiding and stop being afraid – face up to your future with courage and inner strength for it is your truth, the truth of who you are that will lead you to exactly where you are meant to be.

Let go of any justification or analysing past or present events and relationships, allow yourself to rise up and see them from a higher perspective…a neutral perspective, what do you see?

You might be surprised or a little uncomfortable by what you see from this perspective, as the story you have identified with is not what you thought it was, or you might see that you have not been accountable for your role in the story.

Don’t allow your past to dictate your future any longer.

You are the author of your life, and it is time to make a change to your story.

Rewrite the direction, the future and create the vision of how you would like to feel in your life.

Go deep within, hear the stillness of your heart and open yourself to hearing the whispers of your soul. Practice tuning in and listening to this frequency, trust the little nudges, ideas and inspiration you hear or feel.

Don’t over think or overanalyse these whispers, trust, and just allow this to be….for it is the truth of your soul speaking to you.

The external story may be changing but you are not, the deep inner light has been the same all along and your internal world, your soul, speaks your authentic truth and you have the ability to connect into your authentic truth anywhere, anytime.

Begin to change your perspective, shift your vision within to this truth and see what it is you need to do, surrender, let go and allow the wisdom to unfold… allow timing to unfold…. allow yourself to just BE.

Be still…be one….just BE!

This is your power and it is important to remember that, you have the power in the moment of stillness, to have faith and be. Stop over complicating it and keep it as simple as that.

Trust that what you hear is meant for your highest good and what we ‘need’ isn’t always what we ‘want’ or what we ‘think we need’.

Embrace and accept your wisdom, accept that you may need to change direction and adjust your course many times over this lifetime…let your sails go up and let the wind carry you in the new direction…try to stop fearing that it won’t be replaced and have faith when you create space what you truly desire will come.

This is your freedom, the security and the peace you so truly desire, you have had it all along but have chosen not to see it. Our physical beings, our humanness, tend to make our path more complicated than needs be… stop, pivot and take the path of least resistance…lean in…let go now…surrender…trust and just BE!

I invite you to sit with these thoughts –

What do you want to create for your life?

What are you being called to create that you are ignoring?

Then allow yourself to sit in stillness and just BE, allow the guidance, ideas, inspiration to come forward when it is ready. Lean in to your authentic truth and be guided by your heart and soul. Use this opportunity to change your story, rewrite the future and create the life you truly deeply desire.

Love and light,

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