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Trusting your inner knowing...

It is in that space of your inner knowing that you will find comfort and ease, there is a feeling of being supported that comes from being connected to oneself and in turn connected to all that is. For in this place your self-belief is strong and you trust yourself implicitly. There is no greater feeling that being in the flow of guidance, connected to your higher self and higher power.

Where does this come from I hear you ask….

Where do I get this?!

How do I get this?!

The inner knowing is always there, you already have the wisdom inside you and available for your access at any time. It is that you have forgotten this, you have forgotten how to access this wisdom and the ego has sparked fear and doubt in trusting of yourself, this inner knowing and wisdom, or intuition as you might more commonly know it as.

It takes showing up for yourself, commitment to regularly showing up for yourself even when you don’t feel like it, through meditation and allowing yourself to slow down and go within. To really feel into your body, notice when you get a hunch or a ‘gut feeling’ about someone or something, and try not to ignore this.

And then just….practice, practice, practice!

Practice allowing your inner wisdom – your intuition - to guide you and check in when making decisions and follow what you feel in return. This could be starting small with checking in on a direction to walk today; do I need intense workout or yoga, should I say yes or no to that social engagement?

Once you have established a connection with yourself, you will recognise the signs that are an indication of a positive or yes and those that are a no.

For me, I know when I am on the right track with something or it’s a yes when my heart energy blooms like a flower and my whole body almost vibrates with a resounding ‘go for it’!

Yet when it’s a no, I feel such a contraction and emptiness and sometimes it will bring a tightness in my tummy, I always know I need to either say no to it or it’s not the right direction for me.

There can be times where it is hard to follow your intuition and inner knowing, as sometimes it can take us somewhere we haven’t been before or that we aren’t comfortable with and it is in those times when you need to have the most trust and faith that you are being guided there for the right reason, in your highest good.

Often when we are about to do something really great there is a tinge of fear, but it is in that moment you need to embrace the fear trusting you are on the right track.

I think of the saying “If you aren’t a little scared then your dreams aren’t big enough”. And in my experience this has never been truer, any time I have been moving towards one of my hearts desires there is a mix of excitement tinged with fear but not enough fear to dissuade me but to know that I am pushing the edges of my comfort zone and that is always a good thing!

Too often though we get caught up in the presence of perceived fear and it stops us moving forward and living our best life. I can relate many situations in my life when I allowed my perception of fear to hold me back and keep me small.

Be real and get super honest with yourself here. Are you living in a ‘perceived’ fear based life, which is ultimately holding you back from living your desires and dreams? What is stopping you from returning to study, applying for a new job, joining a sporting team, taking up that art class or just choosing a different place to eat dinner?

Sometimes just changing up your day to day routine can be a great starting place for shifting some of this ‘fear’ we are carrying towards change and stepping outside of, again, our perceived comfort zone. Choosing a new café or restaurant that you haven’t been to before or choosing a different walk/drive to work or school. Start slowly with small different choices in your daily life and notice how this begins to refresh your energy and bring a new sense of joy into your life.

Then when you are starting to feel more confident in this space, take a slightly bigger change and slowly but steadily keep increasing the width of your comfort zone. Noting that there may be times you need to sit at the edge of your comfort zone for some time, allow yourself to do that if it becomes too challenging too quickly, and be kind to yourself as it will be a long process of re-teaching yourself it is ‘safe’ to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Or rather than continual physical changes perhaps consider expanding your mind, so reading new books, articles, blogs or listening to different types of podcasts, documentaries, etc. Consider other viewpoints and perceptions, different topics or cultures, areas that maybe you haven’t even thought of until now.

Give yourself an opportunity to try new things and see what feels good, what lights you up and brings joy to your being. Holding this space for yourself through journaling can also be useful to observe how you are feeling after different experiences, tracking your likes and dislikes and really allowing yourself to tune into that inner knowing, wisdom to start to map out bigger dreams, bigger plans that now truly align with your hearts desires.

The key is once you have attuned to your inner knowing and wisdom is to start to follow that guidance with faith and trust that you are being led in the right direction, even though it might feel scary stepping into an unknown, without a map or certain outcome.

Start to place your trust in yourself and see how quickly when you follow this guidance how the path unfolds and your life starts to match those desires and dreams, and you find your life is beyond even your biggest dreams!

So over the next few days, weeks or month see if you can lean into the connection to your inner wisdom, begin to try following the hunches, feelings you get and maybe see if there are some small changes in choices or situations you can make. Start a journal if you haven’t already, and record how you are feeling and what is working and maybe want you want to work towards.

Don’t limit yourself, dream big and watch how quickly you start to reach your new goals when you trust and follow your own inner wisdom!

Love and light,

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