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Seeing and owning your truth...

The Universe will keep putting in our path what we need to learn the most.

Often in life a situation or pattern will keep repeating itself until you learn what you are being shown, you learn the ‘lesson’.

However we frequently miss this lesson and one of the reasons this happens is because without realising, we often find ourselves in a victim mindset and this is often because the ‘story’ we have created for ourselves makes us feel or play the victim.

We give away our power by allowing ourselves to feel that something has happened to us, we play the ‘story’ that of course this always happens or find ourselves in a place of negativity and victim. Without realising it you automatically react when triggered or when something you perceive negatively because this ‘story’ has become your truth!

The first step to healing this and to make change in your life is to step up and be really honest with yourself.

Ask yourself what is the truth here?

What is your truth in this situation?

What is the ‘story’ you are telling yourself?

This might look like…..“I always attract this type of relationship/person….”, “This always happens to me….”, “Nothing ever goes right for me….”, “I always have to struggle….”.

You need to own what is happening in your life and take responsibility for yourself.

Now this can be very confronting, challenging and downright hard….but the reward here is a step towards changing this pattern, this life story and moving into a new direction creating the relationships, career or life that you want.

Remember when you can’t control what is happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what is happening. This is where your power lies and you will always find yourself in your truth.

This might look like just changing your perspective to see the lesson that you have been missing, and this lesson might include being honest with yourself and seeing the story you have been telling yourself and which in fact is not your truth at all.

Wherever your energy is directed or whatever your focus is, is what ultimately creates your reality therefore it is important to direct this focus and energy in a more positive capacity, towards what you want to feel-think-be rather than holding on to a negative or victim mindset and energy.

Stay free of self-criticism and self-judgement here as you can only do the best you can at any point in time with the knowledge and tools you possess, therefore love yourself enough to accept where you are right now and change the direction going forward.

And as the saying goes, ‘it won’t happen overnight but it will happen…’, this personal development…self-awareness journey will require some deep work, persistence, self-compassion, self-love and patience on your part.

Try being really honest with yourself and see what patterns or ‘story’ you can rewrite and reprogram going forward. Get out your journal or laptop and sit with these areas of your life you are ready to take responsibility for and shine light

And if you are truly ready to take responsibility for your story and make real change in your life, then Kinesiology is a great tool that can help you work through this process in a caring and supportive environment. So if you feel that you need extra support, guidance or clarity then get in touch to book a session.

As we reach this mid-way point of the year and reflect over the year so far; what our goals were at the start of January and what have we achieved now, and what maybe has slipped off our radar. It is a great time to redefine and correct our course, to bring back our priorities into focus and work towards to taking renewed action for the remainder of the year.

Sending love and light,

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