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Practicing Self-Care in Uncertain Times…

I feel called more than ever to share healing, love and light with the ever changing environment at present and the move towards limited contact outside of our homes, I wanted to reach and connect with as many souls as possible to help support you in this time that might be triggering fear or anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

As many of my clients would know I am always encouraging you to set up at “Self-care Toolkit”. This becomes a go to in times of stress, uncertainty, worry or overwhelm and becomes an easy way to support yourself without overthinking it too much, as you already know what is in your toolkit so you just dip in and grab something out to help you in the moment….or perhaps you grab a few things particularly in this current climate.

Eventually a lot of this may make it into your daily routine, however it looks or feels is personal to you but I strongly believe this has made a difference in not only my own life but in my client’s lives as well.

Currently in my “Self-care Toolkit” you will find:

  • Meditation

  • Kundalini Kriyas

  • Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Grounding/Earthing

  • Gratitude practice

  • Yin Yoga

  • Walking

  • Shower Clearing Meditations

  • Magnesium/Epsom Salt Baths

  • Getting out in Nature or to the Beach

  • Music – listening or dancing

  • Journaling

  • Permission to have ‘time off’ – watch a movie, play with my daughter, just do nothing!

Now most of these have become part of my daily routine but sometimes life takes over doesn’t it! And I realise I am missing some of these key self-care aspects in my day then I head straight back to the Toolkit, with compassion for myself, and just pull something out and begin again.

I share my list to give you some idea of the concept, in creating your own toolkit it will be feeling into what makes you light up, refresh and re-energise you, just makes you just feel good!

My top tip is to start with Meditation, even just 5-10 mins a day will do your mind and body wonders! Just allowing your mind the space to find stillness, allows you to drop into your heart and deeper into your body to find the stillness and peace that you already hold there. This allows your nervous system a chance to relax and reset, therefore leaving you feeling much calmer and at peace, both mentally and physically.

Here is a Meditation – Anchoring Your Light – that was gifted to me from Spirit to share with others as a support during the current climate, to assist you in anchoring the light and love into your body and into the Earth. You might like to use this to get you started as it runs for just over 10 mins so easy to sit and listen to if nothing else!

For some of you, a walk around your neighbourhood or at the beach might be a good starting point, allowing yourself to be really present in the moment, noticing the sights-smells-sounds around you, feeling your feet connecting to the pavement as you walk. This becomes like a meditation and could be a good starting place if you are new to meditation, easing you into it through a walking version.

Whatever you choose, just make sure to choose somewhere to start….

In every given moment you have the power and the power to choose lies within you.

Don’t forget that!

You already have the power within you; you just need to use it.

Use it and use it wisely. Remember the choice you make is yours…..

Choice = Power and Power = Choice

So make the choice to use this time of isolation and quarantine to put yourself first and practice active self-care and self-love just for you!

Honour yourself, your body and go within and allow yourself to just be for the moment and breathe, if you don’t do anything else ‘important’ today but breathe to reset, to re-centre yourself that is okay.

Give yourself permission to just be.

You only need to start with one step….a baby step even…so if that is 5 mins of deep belly breathing and that is all…that is still a win.

Just meet yourself where you are at….check in with yourself every day and don’t get caught up in the comparison trap on social media...don’t stress, don’t strain, don’t struggle…your journey is always going to look different to another’s and the pace needs to be at the pace that feels right for you. The important thing is that you are making the choice to use this time to be about you!

I share this message from Spirit I received recently as I believe that it fits perfectly here…

This is a time of seeing the truth,this is a time of unbecoming all that you know, so that you can you become all that you are. We want to see you thrive not just survive, the message is clear here now.

Stop, Slow Down, Be Present....and accept that you do not know it all. There is so much more to learn, there are many different ways to achieve the same goal, you have been stuck in your ways, anchored to this almost and not seen that there is an easier way for you.

Use this time wisely for if you break through these old patterns and beliefs a new life awaits you that is far greater than you can imagine. We leave you with this now, ponder this, step within and feel this for yourself now.


Love and light,

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