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Being present and showing up for yourself…

Sometimes all you can do is just be present and show up.

Show up for life….show up for yourself….to just ‘be’.

I have been reminded of this as I sit with some discomfort about the direction I am moving in and when I asked my guides ‘how can I best serve today?’, hoping that this would give me some much needed clarity and direction when life wasn’t looking exactly how I thought it would.

The answer to me was simply ‘ By being present and showing up’.

Which really got me thinking as I realised it is in these moments of frustration, disappointment and confusion I tend to withdraw, stop being present and stop showing up for anyone or anything.

I realised that I needed to take my own advice, the advice I am always giving my clients, which is that you need to show up for yourself even when you least feel like it, because it is in those moments where you need to show up for yourself most.

Wow…the penny dropped.

This was the lesson.

Rather than getting caught up in the why I do keep ending up back here, I allowed myself the opportunity to go within, find stillness and remember that I am here to serve….the lesson dropped in so easily.

I can almost feel my body sigh in relief as it softens into this space of compassion and love for myself, stopping the inner critic and merry go round chatter, to just be. Acknowledging the present doesn’t look or feel like I had hoped, doesn’t even look or feel like it had 2 months ago, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get better, or change, or perhaps even become something greater than I had imagined.

Surrendering to the present and trusting that everything is exactly as it is meant to be is so much harder than it should be. As I write this I can feel myself softening into this space and beginning to sing in the back of my mind “I trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be”. And it is now that I truly believe that in our hardest most challenging moments or times or situations that the need to surrender and lean in to trust is the most important.

I am exactly where I am meant to be as I needed to learn this lesson right now, the importance of remaining in the present moment and continually showing up for myself whether I felt like it or not.

I can let go of my defeatist attitude, the this always happens rhetoric, and be free of the old patterns embracing what I have in the present and remaining grateful for all that I have and all the experiences that have brought me to this point.

Maybe you can see areas of your life where you let a defeatist attitude or fear of failure present itself. Try bringing yourself back to the present moment and simply focus on showing up for yourself however that might look. It might be getting up and exercising or meditating, it might be calling that client or just showing up at work, it might just be sitting in meditation allowing the lesson to reveal itself or it might simply be just getting up out of bed, getting dressed and facing the day.

It simply means doing what you can for yourself even though you don’t feel like it or don’t think it is worth it. Because believe me it certainly is!

For me showing up for myself today is pulling up my big girl pants and turning up ready to share healing and light, even though I don’t know who will come…if anyone…but just still showing up, and returning to my writing and allowing the creativity to flow through me as it always makes my heart sings whenever I do, and just prioritising meditation and exercise to move my body and my energy. To give myself the space to go within and find the stillness to hear and feel my inner wisdom leading and guiding me.

Practice being more mindful, in the present moment, and see where you could be showing up for yourself more, it will take some practice to push past the limiting mindset however trust that this is coming up for you for a reason and there will be an amazing opportunity for growth and awareness on the other side.

If you have any experiences that you would like to share please reach out as I would love to hear how this resonated with you and where maybe simply being present and showing up for yourself was exactly what you needed!

Love and light,

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